Interview - Phil Tripp

Interview: Phil Tripp, Publisher of the AustralAsian Music Industry Directory and CEO of IMMEDIA! - 14th October 2003

Media Man Australia, Greg Tingle, interviews a master of the music industry, Phil Tripp.

Phil discusses topics such as how IMMEDIA! was formed and what he offers, trading information in the music industry, how technology has revolutionized the business, what it takes to get to the top, industry awards and events, and more.

This man has pretty much done it all in the music media business, as may just be the most "connected" man in the Australian music and public relations business.

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Some of the quotes from the interview include:

"we're data drug deals...we sell the data drug"

"what we sell is peoples contact information...we're in the wantabe industry"

"we had our site up in 1995"

"everything we do is really interrelated"..."we see books...we...."

"we do quite a lot of PR for artists such as ...........(many top names)

":we do tend to put prices very high because it tends to limit the amount of people we deal with to serious folk..."

"we do more global PR"

"there's a lot of fun, but there's also a lot of hard work"

"we turn over about a million ($) per year"

"if your having fun the money will naturally follow"

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Editors note: If you want to know more about how to be successful in the music and entertainment industry, you need to listen to this interview. For more information visit the IMMEDIA websites, or contact Phil on



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About Phil Tripp

After ten years of production/tour management and festival production in the US plus teaching music business in Atlanta, Phil emigrated to Sydney where he ran Australia's largest record retailer, Palings, for openers. Pursuing a love of media, he became a leading music trade writer and investigative journalist with credits in over 100 major domestic and international magazines or newspapers. After four years of writing, he created IMMEDIA! Public Relations to service artist and corporate clients - especially in their needs or strategies to penetrate overseas markets.

In 1988 he created the first Australian Music Industry Directory which turned AustralAsian in 1990 and has published 28 biannual editions. He also created the first Australian Sports Industry Directory in 1994, sold to another publisher, AusSport in late 2000. He's been online for over 16 years, starting first with a Tandy 100 and 300 baud modem on the ESI email service and has evolved to put the entire company and all directories on the Internet as well as creating an online weekly music industry trade mag at this site - IN MUSIC & MEDIA. His fortnightly LOOSE CANNON opinion pieces stir the industry.

In 2001 he created the ultimate Australian music industry portal which is the top music site for the Australian industry. As a freelance travel, lifestyle and entertainment journalist, he's written a recent series of articles for Business Review Weekly which are reproduced here and serve as an excellent guide to these three 'Phil Fave' cities and Hawaii as well as his favourite pasttimes--wearing Hawaiian shirts and scuba diving.