Interview - Tony Rafty

Interview: Tony Rafty, Cartoonist, Caricaturist & Legendary War Correspondent & Artist - February 2003

Tony Rafty is one of Australia's great cartoonists and caricaturists, and some may say, he is an Australian national treasure.

Media Man Australia editor and journalist, Greg Tingle, met Tony in Coogee's Beach Street Launderette Art Gallery, on Sydney's South Eastern Suburbs. Greg stayed in touch with Tony, and was kind enough to grant Greg an interview over a cup of coffee, at his beautiful home at Malabar.

This is a transcript of some of the interview that took place.

How do you approach drawing the caricature of someone?

I try to notice clothes, shoes, the way people stand.. If you look at my drawings, I hope to capture the spirit.  A caricature is meant to be exaggerated to a certain extent, but if it’s too much, you lose the likeness. It all has to do with seeing the person. I like to capture a personality when they are talking and moving about. A person’s face doesn’t come alive until they are mobile, talking or laughing.  I like to do two or three drawings at different angles then leave it until later when I can get a photograph to remember the small details that I may have forgotten.

Explain the satisfaction you get from your work?

Just to be near them and talk to them in the mornings is great. I remember little conversations I had with them, and that is what’s so special to me.



Greg Tingle interviews Tony Rafty - 4th September 2003

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