Interview - Darren Gray

Interview: Darren Gray, Darren Gray Management: 27th September 2003

Media Man Australia officially interviews Darren Gray for the second time.

We originally met at the book launch of Joy Hruby's Dubbo Dazzlers, and subsequently conducted an interview via e-mail.

Last Saturday Darren Gray was our guest in the Joy's World studio, and we have captured the audio for those in anticipation of the TV screening just 2 weeks away.

Darren explains his business, and his upcoming event, Oz Soap 2003.

Listen to the interview

Interview with Darren Gray - 15th July 2003


Editors note: We are privileged to have this extraordinary talent agent as one of our associates. Thank you Joy Hruby for this wonderful opportunity. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with Darren Gray Management.


Darren Gray Management

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Article: Joy's World, by Greg Tingle and Yvette Moore - 7th July 2003

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