Interview - Peter Franklin

Interview: Peter Franklin, The world's most famous Taxi Driver:
September 2003

We interview the world's most famous, and arguably best spoken, taxi driver, direct from New York City, to Maroubra Beach, Sydney, Australia, and beyond.

Like Greg Tingle, Peter is a frequent guest on Sydney's Radio 2UE.

You will be totally entertained by this witty and intelligent interview.

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Some of the quotes include:

to BBC reporter..."I'm not typical, I speak English"..they guy put me on the BBC wire service, which is not bad for your first gig"...

"I found out in a hurry people would hear me on the radio, they come to New York City, who do you think they are going to take a tour with"?

"I'm telling you, John Laws, he's one of the best" (broadcasters)

"I haven't had the opportunity to sell out" (in regards to getting a big fat contract for an advertising co.)

"I've got a motto...don't fall for your own bullshit" "I'm not looking to being a broadcaster, I'm not looking to be a media mogul"...(in regards to he is a taxi driver, not a media company)

"It's became a point in American politics, where nobody really cares"...(in regards to politician fooling around)

"they (the hookers) don't fool around with cab drivers because they know we don't have any money"

"I tell you what. I've been doing this for 30 years, I can't wait a more fascinating way to spend an evening

'hey, did anyone ever tell you, you talk funny"?

Greg Tingle to Peter: "this is reality radio, not reality TV"!

Editors note: What a guy. Peter is on out "A list" when we get to New York.


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