Interview - Lorraine (Abner Zurd) Fontanes

Interview: Lorraine (Abner Zurd) Fontanes, Democrat Candidate for Governor of California & Film Maker : 15th August 2003

Media Man Australia covers the fight for the governorship of California.

After distributing his feature article on Arnold Schwarzenegger, via the Internet, Greg Tingle heard back from many interesting people, including Arnie supporter, and good friend, Ric Drasin, and Abner Zurd.

In the spirit of balanced reporting and media coverage, Media Man Australia hand's the mic over to the multi talented, entertaining and intelligent, Abner Zurd.

This interview will be transcribed at some point.

I'm going to kick his arse (Arnold's)...

What are some of the key reasons Californians should you the vote?

I think that a fresh perspective is essential to breaking the laws down to our political life and reality right now. I represent an entirely fresh point of view. I have the guts and the stamina to pull it of and I have extensive resources in the financial community to make all of the connections that we need to pull us out of debt.


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Interview - 13th November 2003

Editors note: Yet another candidate who is more than qualified for the top job. We will Abner well and appreciate the good spirit in which the interview was done in. Go kick Arnie's ass Abner : ) Oh,Abner, you need to put me in your book or movie I have a feeling you will make. A telephone interview from Media Man Australia, one of Arnie's mates (via the Ric Drasin connection). See you at the top. Greg T

Newsflash: Media Man Australia, Greg Tingle, may just end up being in Abner's next documentary. Why? A few reasons, but how about starting with "Abner Zurd counts on Greg Tingle for up-to-the-minute, smart and insider info on international media and everything Aussie."

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PRESS RELEASE (from Abner Zurd official website)

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Contact: Laurenne Taylor

August 9, 2003



Between the glitzy arrival of Schwarzenegger and the staged fanfare for Simon, Abner Zurd entered the office of the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder and proudly submitted her paperwork to qualify for the October 7th special election. Wearing her trademark Afro, with 21-month-old daughter Pamela on hip and tongue firmly in cheek, she told reporters that she planned to “kick Arnold’s [butt].” Running on a campaign of “Common Sense for California,” Zurd (AKA Lorraine Fontanes) admitted to being a “satirist” but acknowledged she has been “moved” by the experience of running for public office.

“I trust the people of California to decide their own future. If they can choose between two, they can choose among two hundred,” Zurd said, referring to the unprecedented number of candidates.

Ms. Zurd, the director of “How to Get a Head at Sundance,” is a filmmaker by trade, a Californian by choice and a politician by necessity. She is making a video document of her quixotic adventure between completing a feature film and taking care of her home and family. The full text of her initial campaign statement follows:

It is absurd that Gray Davis should be held accountable for budget shortfalls in California but George W. Bush is not held responsible for bankrupting the nation.

It is absurd that a wealthy whiner like Darrell Issa can dig into his personal piggy bank and attempt to undo a legal election.

It is absurd that our elected officials are gridlocked into uselessness.

It is absurd that our police officers cannot afford to live in many of the neighborhoods they serve; it is absurd that teachers and students have paid the price of petty politics; it is absurd that county hospitals are on life-support and emergency personnel are not funded for terrorism.

It is absurd that the military industrial complex have been let off the hook for polluting our drinking water, our farmland and our food.

It is absurd that California children are being diagnosed with autism at epidemic levels and a public health crisis has not been declared.

It is absurd that we continue to build prisons instead of futures.

It is absurd and I am Abner Zurd and I am running for Governor of the State of California.