Interview - Ric Drasin

Interview: Ric Drasin, Wrestler, Actor, Bodybuilder & Artist: 25th August 2003

We interview pro wrestler, actor, body builder and artist, Ric Drasin in part 3 of a series of interviews.

Ric discusses his creative side.

When and why did you start sketching?

I always would 'doodle' on my notebooks in school as I liked drawing people and cartoon characters. Also in high school I was asked to draw a few logos for some clubs on campus and that got me started doing shirts. When I was 17, I was picked up at 10pm by the Sheriffs for curfew. I was taken to the Police station with many other kids for our parents to come and get us. During my wait, I drew some cartoons and shoved them into the Sheriff's desk drawer. He came in on Monday and found them with my name on it and called me. He asked me to come down to the station, which I did. This Sheriff had
a 'Kid's show on TV every morning at 8 am and he liked my work so much he offered me a job drawing cartoons on the show. I did it for about a year.

What inspires your creative side?

I'm always creative and watching people and situations spurs me on. Just like a comedian looking for material. It's right in front of you and I find humor in everything.

Where do you get your ideas from?

Hmm, I get them from watching TV, looking at magazines, ads, people, and just about everything I see.

Is it unusual for a pro wrestler / bodybuilder to be so creative?

Not really! Many wrestlers have a creative side. Wrestling is creative when you have to develop character. I've always been creative in everything I've done, Music , Art, Acting, Producing, Writing,etc.

Describe your creative works?

Well, Bodybuilding was sculpting my body and I took ceramics in High School and sculpted out of clay. I did mostly heads and faces. Did a lot of sketching, water color and paste up. I also later on , got into Silk
Screening which I did on shirts I sold through Muscle and Fitness magazine. You're familiar with the Gold's Gym and World's Gym logos. Those are my works of art. I did those on a napkin in a coffee shop if you can believe that. I later got into Air Brushing jackets and t shirts and after that into Tattooing which I taught myself. I also was a Guitarist with Capital Records and played Keyboard as well. So, you can say I've been creative in just about everything I've tackled.

Now, it's writing screenplays and books and film producing., Oh, and some of my inventions such as The Security Kat.

What national and international interest have you attracted from your work?

The Internet has allowed me to attract interests from people world wide and it just keeps coming in.

Can you do customer work and requests? - what's some of the most interesting?

Oh, yeah, no problem. Sketches, websites, animation, you name it.


Editors note: This guy just keeps amazing us. Check out his art work and graphic designs today.


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