Interview - Quentin Dempster

Interview: Quentin Dempster, Presenter of ABC Stateline, Author of Death Struggle & Friend of the ABC: 28th September 2003

In keeping with Media Man Australia's tradition of tackling any subject, we investigate what is actually happening to "our" ABC?

The NSW Friends of The ABC held their most recent forum at Bondi Junction, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Despite the weather, a huge crowd turned up, I estimate 250+ and Media Man Australia (Greg Tingle & Yvette Moore), appeared to the the only media in attendance, other than a few other photographers. Yet another huge scoop for us.

Speakers at the public forum included Quentin Dempster, ABC Presenter, Cameron Murphy, NSW Council, Louise Southalan, AFTINET and Tina Bursill, actor, acted as chair.

After the forum we interviewed Quentin Dempster 1:1.

Quentin discussed what was achieved, and what you can do to help save the ABC!

Listen to the interview

The interview will be transcribed in full as time permits.


Editors note: It was a most interesting and beneficial public forum, and Media Man Australia would like to publicly thank Quentin Dempster for the interesting and educational interview that was conducted in such good spirit. Quentin even inscribed his book that we took to the forum, Death Struggle: How political malice and boardroom powerplays are killing the ABC. We also would like to thank all of the friends of the ABC, in particularly the ABC Friends president, Mr Gary Cook, for helping make this historic interview and report of ABC in Crisis, a reality.



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