Interview - Logan Clements

Interview: Logan Clements, Candidate for Governor of California:
August 2003

In keeping with covering the California election from all angle, we interview Logan Clements, who sees cutting spending and privatization across the board, being a key part of the solution.

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Editors note: A man of strong opinions on what needs to be done to get California back on its feet. The interview will be transcribed as time permits. Examine the websites for more information.


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"Maximize the Economy, Minimize the Government".

Why are you running for Governor?

I'll make California's economy roar to life by cutting spending by 50% by transferring government schools to private managers thereby paying off debt while eliminating or cutting taxes. Government shouldn't provide services that business people can provide nor interfere in markets. I'll replace government welfare with private charity so taxpayers aren't forced to pay the bills of illegal aliens. I'll get government out of the insurance business (worker's comp crisis), the power business (blackouts), and try free market solutions to reduce traffic jams.

Why should Californians should vote for you?

I advocate big improvements for California while the other candidates suggest small adjustments.


About Clements (courtesy & credit to Clements for Governor of California official website)

1992: Clements graduated from the University of Rochester with a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) concentrating in finance. Because of his academic achievement as an undergraduate he was accepted into graduate business school after only 3 years of undergraduate study. Therefore he received a BA in Economics and an MBA in finance after only five years.

1993: Clements started the American Venture Capital Exchange, the nation's first online service to help people starting businesses to find financing. This revolutionary new service was written up in the Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine and many other publications.

1997: Clements launches a national business magazine for people starting businesses and those who invest in them. Called American Venture this magazine features inspiring stories of entrepreneurs overcoming the odds and revealing insights on how investors choose companies.

2001 November: Clements sells American Venture magazine in order to develop a television newsmagazine similar in style to 60 Minutes which will expose bad government and brave freedom seekers taking a stand against it. The new owners still publish American Venture in Silicon Valley.

2002 Clements moves from Silicon Valley to Los Angeles to develop FreeNation TV. You can watch a 15 minute demonstration episode at www.FreeNation.TV