Interview - P.M. Carpenter

Interview: PM Carpenter, Political Columnist: 24th July 2003

In keeping with Media Man Australia's tradition of tackling any subject, we explore the world of politics.

P.M. Carpenter is a man of strong opinions, particularly when it comes to the policies of George W Bush, the President of United States.

You may be shocked, if not surprised, on what PM Carpenter discloses to Media Man Australia.

For legal reasons, we outline that the opinions are those of Mr P.M. Carpenter, and not necessarily those of Media Man Australia.

This interview is an excellent example of the benefits of freedom of speech, and to what I have been referring to as "freedom of web".

*Note, this interview will be transcribed in its entirety as time permits.

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This is Greg Tingle reporting for Media Man Australia. We're speaking to Mr. P.M. Carpenter, political Columnist with Buzz Flash.

So, tell me, what do you actually do Mr. P.M?

I've recently observed the Bush administration, which is undoubtedly the most corrupt government this country...


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P.M. Carpenter holds a Ph.D. in American History from the University of Illinois and is a syndicated columnist and artist. Contact your local newspaper and ask it to carry his weekly column!

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