Interview - Bessie Bardot

Interview: Bessie Bardot, Author, Modeling Manager, Promoter -
21st March 2003

Bessie Bardot is one of Australia’s most successful Modeling Managers and body models.  Bessie has recently authored “Sex, Fame and the casting couch”. Bessie is also a journalist for Media Search, and regularly writes and consults for Australia’s top companies.

How did you get your start?

I was a receptionist and Geoff asked if I wanted to be famous!!

Why did you choose modeling, or did modeling choose you?

With my curves modeling HATED me but the men's mags loved me

What do you like most about your chosen profession?


Greatest professional and personal achievements?

Marrying my boy and being happy

Tell me about your ups and downs in the business?

Read the paper Ups making .... Downs loosing it because of a corrupt Director....Ups coming BACK AGAIN despite what people think

What do you like to write about, and what is your best piece?

I like to write about my experiences so I can warn and help people who are getting into the industry. My best piece..... Well READ MY BOOK and YOU decide!!!!

The weirdest experience you have ever had?

READ THE BOOK... Had Plenty

The most unusual request you have had?

Trust me you DONT want to know

Are you afraid of anything?

I'm afraid of fear - I don't entertain it!

What do you do to relax?

Movies and cuddle my boy

What are your favourite beaches (just in case I / we want to spot you?)

LADY JAIN (nudist)

How has the internet helped you?

Hmmmm Not sure it has but I enjoy chatting to people overseas

How has the Australian media been good and bad for you?

Yeah, both equally - It LOVED me Then HATED me and now it is undecided but I expect that so I just take it with a pinch of salt.

Over the course of your career, who have been the best and worst to work with?

hmmm I love people who are true to themselves and can see through the bullshit - I have met MANY of them but sadly I am still running across those who believe the crap that jealous and ignorant people expound

Do you have any mentors? course of your career, who did you both most and least enjoy working with?

Geoff is my mentor - Rene Rivkin (who I know personally) is my mentor. All these people are TRUE to themselves DESPITE the press and that's what I aspire to be

What is the best piece of advise you have been offered?

Unto thine own self be true!!!

The greatest compliment you have ever been given?

By a top photographer:- Women admire you, Men Admire you, Women Want to be you, Men want to be with you.

The biggest misconception about you?


Anything else you would like to share with me or our audience? 

Love your life, and BE TRUE TO YOU, if they don't like it they can get F@#KED
By the way I have a new site and don’t forget to check out

Editors note: Beauty with brains. A woman who stands up for what she believes in. Oh, read the book: Casting Couch Confidential: True titillating tales of what the modeling business can really be like "down under". Just like Media Man Australia, Bessie Bardot is into promoting good stuff, and tells it like it is. Long live freedom of speech.


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