Wrestling videogames making a comeback thanks to the NWA and RetroMania

Wrestling videogames making a combat thanks to the NWA and RetroMania

NWA wrestlers to be featured in RetroMania Videogame


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NWA wrestlers will be be included in upcoming Retro Mania Wrestling VideoGame


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RetroMania Wrestling is ready to feel the "Powerrr," because the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) is in the game!

3 new arenas, including NWA Powerrr, NWA 70, and Austin Idol's Universal Wrestling College

Go for the 10 Pounds of Gold in an all-new game mode

NWA Champion Nick Aldis joins the RetroMania Wrestling roster


NWA announced on Tuesday that a handful of superstars from the company, including Nick Aldis, Colt Cabana, and many more would be making their way to RetroMania Wrestling, an upcoming video game set to release in 2020.