Stand by your man

Stand by your man, by Greg Tingle - 6th October 2003

Stand by your man.

That's been the expression thrown around for as many decades as I can remember, pertaining to women and their men in life.

Yes, the term is a cliché today, but that doesn't change its meaning.

Ok, beside every man is a great women...

I'm here to tell you that more often than not, there is indeed a great women behind the man.

That bold statement is likely to get up the nose of some "new age" thinkers out there, but its long been just the way it is.

How many of us know of a great leader, in this case, let's use a male example, who appears infallible, and is a pillar of his industry, if not society.

Many times he is backed up by a loving, supportive wife (or partner), who is there to confide in at any hour of the night or day. Always there with support and unconditional love.

This very article was put together with the assistance of my partner. How? Just by being there for support, motivation, and...oh, the sub edit also, but you get the point.

Ah, can you hear those love songs swirling around in your head already...

Sometimes the fellas don't always deserve to have their women by their side, but being the loyal partner they are, the women is there...always.

Let's take likely the world's most famous couple (if they are still a couple), Bill and Hillary Clinton. Man, Hillary sure has stuck by her man, even in the face of his public cuckolding. At least that's the popular picture. If only the walls could speak. Perhaps its due to career aspirations of her own, rather than acute loyalty and moral high ground. Then again, perhaps she really does want to be with him due to his varying other engaging attributes.

Arnold's wife is certainly standing by her man.

Back on local shores, take our "fearless" head of state, and Mrs. what's her name. It seems Bob only takes her out for special occasions. Ok, local Aussie's, is this the truth of not? "Singo" was telling the truth!

From pro wrestling to politics, to prostit..., better draw the line there, we all need someone to believe in, support and encourage us.

Now even closer to home, the writer of this very article has an amazingly supportive partner. Why, because she believes in her man.

As the role of each partner apparently undergoes changes in this mixed up world we live in, one thing is without question. Everyone wants someone to stand by them as they go through the journey called life.

Stand by your man indeed.

*Article inspired by dealing with some many wonderful people in the course of my business, that give some credit to the wonderful women who support them.


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