Dream matches

Dream matches


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Pro Wrestling Dream Match: Roman Reigns
@WWERomanReigns vs Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson @TheRock finally may become reality in a WWE @WWE ring

WrestleMania Season has come early - sort of! The dream match wrestling fans across the globe have been waiting for may actually happen at the upcoming WrestleMania

This past Friday Night SmackDown 'The Rock' finally showed up to largely a very positive responce. He even got a "Welcome home" from long time rival John Cena

Traditonally with pro wrestling mega matches that are worthy of WrestleMania status, the headliner match or matches get a storyline with usually some confrontations, angles, twists and turns in the lead up.

Reigns remains 'Head Of The Table' and the Tribal Chief of 'The Bloodline'. The trials and tribulations of Reigns and his stable of Samoans are well documented and the numerous crime scenes over the past 3 years have the fingerprints of puppet master and self appointed "Evil Genius" Paul Heyman
written all over them.

WWE announcers such as Michael Cole
, Corey Graves
and Kevin Patrick
sometimes speak of "recruitment drives" as WWE factions look for further strength in numbers. This can strengthen the position much like a Hollywood or MMA agent with numerous world class talents on the books.

Wrestling politics can play in the success of a pro wrestlers (and managers) career, not to mention the always potential threat of talent leaving for a rival faction or promoter!, with or without a Hollywood Writers Strike!

Johnson's return to the WWE appears very timely, and this news fresh off the official launch of TKO
which is akin to a parent of both the WWE and UFC
. Back in 2009 Johnson put the UFC's BMF title around the waist of MMA legend Jorge Masvidal

WWE Universal Champion Reigns and cousin, Johnson, can both be described as BMF'er. Johnson is no stranger to colourful language, this week giving the hint to the WWE live audience to chant A hole at Austin Theory
The WWE lockeroom is getting "the rub" from Johnson, but upstart and gold contender Grayson Waller
may say otherwise. The Aussie Dynamite has been blowing up things and people in the WWE and may have something to say about the potential possibility of others stealing his spotlight, and so may "American Nightmare" Cody Rhodes
for that matter. Rhodes may look to cash in on a fatigued Johnson, Rhodes and/or Rolllins
come WrestleMania, Day 1 or Day 2!

Hollywood's loss (for now) appears to be the WWE Unviverses' gain. The match of the decade continues to near to reality by the day.

WWE, TKO, Reigns, Rock, BFK'ers abound. A perfect storm is brewing. WWE bean-counters, fans and WWE co-workers win. The Samoan American connection is alive and well. Chiefs, elders and fans, brace yourself for a wrestling war of electrifiying consequences. It's just about pick 'em time.



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