Comedy: What Is It?

Comedy: What Is It?, by Greg Tingle

What is it that makes someone or something funny?

It can be many things.

Often, it is irony and even misadventure or misfortune. Whatever it is, people like to laugh.

Join us as we interview the funny people of the world, and examine the websites of some of the funniest bastards on the planet!


Elliot Goblet

Reverend Bob Levy

Liam Cody, Comedian, The Gorskys

Johnny Valiant

Al Isaacs

Dave Warner

Scotty Crane

Brett Sheargold


Austen Tayshus

Elliot Goblet

Paul O'Neill - The Funniest Magician On The Planet!

Bruno Lucia

Gorsky's Comedy

Puppetry of the Penis

Johnny Valiant

Michael Moore


Josh Szeps

Johnny Valiant

Austen Tayshus



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Wrestling with his past: Johnny Valiant Tells All, By Kenny Herzog

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