Best Male Tennis Players to Watch in 2022

Best Male Tennis Players to Watch in 2022

As the dust settled on another Wimbledon tournament, all eyes were on Novak Djokovic and Matteo Berrettini, as they battled out a final with the flourish and panache, we've come to expect from two of tennis' top players.

The result? Djokovic finally matched the number of Grand Slams as Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal - and, at only 34, has the years left to surpass them. However, this wasn't simply a tournament to solidify the claim to the number one spot for the Serbian.

Federer and Nadal are now both north of 35 and still showing their class and guile even after 20 Grand Slam titles apiece. However, it's finally looking as if age and injuries are starting to have a notable effect on performance.

A host of up-and-coming players have emerged over recent years and laid real claims to being the legitimate next generation of champions to finally break the stranglehold the Big Three have had on the sport for the past decade.

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Stefan Tsitsipas

The 22-year old Greek first burst onto the scene in 2018's Wimbledon tournament and made an immediate impact when he made it to the fourth round. However, it was at the French Open following this tournament that he made his intentions to be recognised as a world-class player very clear. Tsitsipas broke a third consecutive defeat-streak in the semi-finals to be ranked fourth in the world and lost to none other than Djokovic in five sets, where Tsitsipas also held a 2-0 set lead in the match.

An aggressive baseline player, the 6-foot-5 Greek possesses the versatility to play an all-court style and is known for an aggressive forehand that he often employs to win points off of the serve. His most glaring weakness is seen as his proactive approach to win points, which tends to lead to unnecessary unforced errors. This sort of issue can, however, be trained out of players in the earlier stages of their careers, so the ceiling of Stefanos' potential has to be considered a high one.

His disappointing 2021 Wimbledon showing, defeated in the first round by Francis Tiafoe, can't detract from the fact that this player has quality untapped and shouldn't be underestimated by any means, as shown by 11/1 odds to win the Australian Open next year.


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Alexander Zverev

The 6-foot-6 German is an imposing figure on the court, and yet he defies expectation in equal measure. Unlike the typical taller player's style, Zverev is noted as a better returner of shots than serving them. His 15 ATP Single titles are earmarked by higher return rates than serve. Despite that, his first serves have been noted as reaching up to 140 mph, making him a formidable offensive force, with the quality to return most shots back at him.

Praise from on high is always notable, as Zverev has received compliments from the Big Three, including Nadal, who noted him as a "clear possible future No. 1 at Wimbledon" this year.
Zverev went on to reach the fourth round, which is his best performance yet. In the latest tennis odds, he's boasting 21/1 odds to win the Australian Open outright in February 2022, making him one of the highest-rated and promising players going into the new year.

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Andrey Rublev

The Russian may only be 23, but he's already a 20/1 shoo-in to take the Australian Open. Rublev is perhaps the best example of a 'one to watch.' Making the fourth round of this year's Wimbledon, the quarters of the French and US Opens in 2020 and the quarters of the Australian Open in 2021, Rublev is a highly offensive player, with a deadly two-handed backhand and an elusively solid forehand game.

A little like Tsitsipas, his unforced errors exhibited at 2021's Wimbledon and hyper-aggression are seen as his main weaknesses. By learning to control his second serves, his general footwork, and his patience, Rublev could be a major concern to his competitors in tournaments to come.
The players on this list have barely begun to scratch the surface of their potential but for tennis fans who have long enjoyed the antics of the Big Three, there is something particularly exciting about seeing the next generation begin to start their ascent to the top of the game.