Bandidos MC Australia

Bandidoes MC Australia


Bandidos M.C. Australia was formed and chartered in August 1983. The original charter members were ex-members of the city chapter of the Comanchero M.C. Our chapter president at the time had previously traveled with other members to the U.S.A whilst members of the Comanchero M.C. They met Bandido members and were greatly impressed by their brotherhood and hospitality.

The split from the Comanchero M.C. was caused through an ongoing rift between chapters and resulted in total loss of respect for the mother chapter especially the founder and club president. The city chapter president and life member, Snotgrass tried vainly to restore the brotherhood between the two chapters but it was lost forever the Comanchero colors were incinerated in a ceremonial act, unknowingly setting the scene for the hatred and consequently the violence that was to follow.

After remembering how much respect U.S Bandidos showed to him, Snotgrass contacted National president Ronnie Hodge. Through much correspondence our Australian Charter was sealed with approval. By giving us a charter in Australia Ronnie Hodge paved the way for Bandidos International.

Our first Australian National president, Snotgrass, took his own life in prison following the shoot-out between the Bandidos M.C. and the Comanchero M.C. on the 2nd September 1984 which left 7 people dead, 2 Bandidos, 4 Comancheros and tragically a 14 year old girl Leanne Waters.

Snotgrass will always he remembered and held in high regard along with the other lost brothers Shadow and Chopper whose lives were taken from them on that day.

Bandidos Forever Forever Brothers

By Life Member Opey
Bandidos M.C.