WWF Women's Championship

Fabulous Moolah

Wendi Richter

Leilani Kai

Wendi Richter [2]

Fabulous Moolah [2]

Velvet McIntyre

Fabulous Moolah [3]

"Sensational" Sherri Martel

Rockin' Robin

Alundra Blayze

Bull Nakano

Alundra Blayze [2]

Bertha Faye

Alundra Blayze [3]
Madusa (formerly Alundra Blayze) went on Monday Nitro and threw the WWF Women's Title in the trash when she joined WCW

Jacquelyn won a top contenders' match for the vacant Women's Championship defeated Sable by pinfall, when Sable attempted a suplex back into the ring and Marc Mero tripped Sable and held her legs while the ref counted 3 Sable

Debra McMichael won the Title on RAW defeated Sable in an evening gown match...Sable stripped Debra first, but Commissioner Michaels ruled that the woman who got stripped deserved the win, and gave the Women's Title to Debra

Ivory won the WWF Women's Title on 6/8/99 at the Raw is War taping (aired on 6/14/99) defeated Debra McMichael by pinfall

The Fabulous Moolah [4] won the Women's Title at No Mercy on October 17, 1999 in Cleveland, Ohio defeated Ivory by pinfall with a rollup from behind

Ivory won the Women's Title at RAW is WAR on October 25, 1999 defeated The Fabulous Moolah by pinfall

Miss Kitty won the Women's Title at Armageddon on December 12, 1999 defeated Ivory, Jacqueline, & Barbara Bush in a
evening gown match in a swimming pool

Harvey Whippleman won the Title on RAW is WAR on January 31, 2000 in Pittsburgh, PA defeated Tha Kat in a Snow Bunny/Lumberjill match after Jacqueline hit The Kat with a foreign object

Jacqueline [2] won the Title at a Smackdown taping on February 1, 2000 (aired on 2/3/00) defeated Harvey Whippleman by pinfall

Stephanie McMahon won the Title at a Smackdown! taping defeated Jacqueline by pinfall after Tori DDT'd Jackie


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