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Alternative wrestling: What does this mean? Perhaps the best way to describe it is to say it is not wrestling as in the way most people would see it. What does that mean? That means that it's not just professional wrestling that has taken the world by storm, and not amateur wrestling, as popularized by greats like Kurt Angle and Dan Gabel.

Alternative wrestling could include wrestling that is seen to be.. well, sexy or erotic in nature, backyard wrestling, apartment wrestling, jelly wrestling as seen in nightclubs, women wrestling men etc. Does that make sense?

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Below are a list of websites that could be described as alternative wrestling, at least part of the content is:

Mat Links (alternative wrestling portal)
Diana The Valkyrie (Female Combat) (what it implies)
Deborah Compton (Female bodybuilder in Aust)
Matrock (Hardcore Dudes & Babes)
Aussie Amazons (Deborah Compton)