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Jesse "The Body" Ventura is one of the greatest pro wresting performers of all time.

Never a great technician, but always entertaining, and he had the look, as was ahead of him time on wresting interviews. His wit is legendary, and it helped him in the political arena, where he has achieved far more than many would fathom.

A former Navy Seal, Jesse gave pro wrestling a shot, and the rest is history.



August 2003


Articles (as published on Media Man Australia)

Jesse Ventura: Wrestling with politics, by Greg Tingle

Arnold Schwarzenegger: King of bodybuilding, movies, politics and media, by Greg Tingle


10th July 2002


Former WWE star and color commentator and current Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura was hospitalized yesterday after suffering from chest pains. It was discovered that he had a blood clot in his lung which is recurring. A Ventura spokesman told the members of the media yesterday that the Governor is in stable condition at the North Memorial Medical Center. Jesse's wife, Terry, said that her husband is in a good mood despite what happened. Ventura announced last month that he won't be
seeking a second term in the office as Governor of Minnesota. Ventura's lung problem is the same one which forced him to retire from pro wrestling in the early 80s, and called the night he had to wrestle Hulk Hogan in Los Angeles as the lowest point in his life as he suffered pulmonary emboli the same night he had to perform and was never able to do the match. The news about Ventura was picked by several TV news channels and news websites.


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To be the President of the United States (actually, that is a calculated guess)


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