Vader (Leon White) is possible the greatest big man pro wrestling has ever seen. His best years were probably 1991 -1993 where he had some memorable matches in both WCW in the USA, and abroad in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Some of Vader's better tag team matches in Japan were teaming with Bam Bam Bigelow, facing off against awesome teams such as Rick and Scott Steiner. Vader is currently back in Japan (circa 2000) and doing very well for himself.

When Vader joined the WWF in 1995, things were looking very promising, however his main achievement in Titan appears to have been "getting over" various other wrestlers such as Michaels, Shamrock, Kane etc, I believe the "back story" is that Vader was going to beat Sid for the WWF Title at a major PPV in 1997, however Vader apparently hurt himself in the match, so Vader and Sid changed the finish (very unselfish of Vader) if this is true. Had a backstage brawl with Paul Orndorff in WCW, and came off second best!

Vader has held championships on all five continents, which I believe is a record that perhaps never will be beaten.

Vader is also a successful businessman I understand, with investment in property and so on, so when it's time for him to hang up the boots and tights for last time he will be ok.

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