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Eddie Guerrero - 2005

Moondog Spot - Oct 2003

Crash Holly - Oct 2003

Road Warrior Hawk - Oct 2003

Miss Elizabeth

Naoto Morishita

The Sheik

Ox Anderson

Curt Hennig

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Tony Altimore

Sailor Art Thomas

Kodo Fuyuki

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Giant Ochiai

Marva Scott

Great Antonio

Pitbull #2

Frank Zela

Stu Hart

Floyd Creatchman

Mitsu Hirai

Dick Hutton

Joey Rossi

Ted Pretty -2002, 40, heart attack

Davey Boy Smith 1963-2002 39, heart trouble

Lou Thesz 1916-2002 86, natural causes

Wahoo McDaniel 1938-2002 64, renal failure and diabetes

Maniac Mike Davis 1956-2001 45, heart attack

"Gentleman" Chris Adams 1955-2001 46, murdered

Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy 1961-2001 40, heart trouble

Yokosuna 1965-2000 34, heart attack

Bobby Duncam Jr. 1966-2000 34, pain killer complications

Owen Hart 1965-1999 33, wrestling accident

Rick Rude 1958-1999 41, heart attack

The Renegade 1966-1999 33, suicide

Giant Baba 1938-1999 61, cancer

Bobo Brazil ?-1998 heart trouble

Junkyard Dog 1953-1998 45, auto accident

Fritz Von Erich 1929-1997 68, cancer

Stan Staziak 1937-1997 60, heart failure

Gorilla Monsoon 1918-1997 79, natural causes

Brian Pillman 1962-1997 35, heart attack

Dick Murdoch 1947-1996 49, heart attack

Ray Stevens 1936-1996 60, heart attack

Jerry "Crusher" Blackwell 1950-1995 44, pneumonia

Big John Studd 1948-1995 47, liver cancer

Eddie "Hotstuff" Gilbert 1962-1995 33, heart attack

Andre the Giant 1949-1993 44, heart attack

Kerry Von Erich 1960-1993 33, suicide

Dino Bravo 1949-1993 44, murdered

Uncle Elmer 1931-1992 61, kidney failure

Buddy Rogers 1921-1992 71, stroke

Buzz Sawyer 1960-1992 32, overdose

Chris Von Erich 1971-1991 20, suicide

Haystacks Calhoun 1933-1989 56, diabetes

Adrian Adonis 1964-1988 24, auto accident

Bruiser Brody 1946-1988 42, murdered

Mike Von Erich 1964-1987 23, suicide

Gino Hernandez 1957-1986 29, overdose

David Von Erich 1959-1984 25, overdose

Abdullah Farouk 1929-1983 54, heart attack


*Special note: if we have not listed some wresting deaths, I appoligize. It is a huge task, and unfortunately we all know too well the rapid pace that we are loosing some of the greats of pro wrestling.

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