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Article: Surf Rock, Surf Music - What's this wave of music all about?

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Surfing Bands
Australian Surfing Bands
Agent Orange
The Atlantics
Brian Wilson (former Beach Boys)
The Atlantics (fan page)
Cave 4 (German)
The Surfers (Kelly Slater's band)
Dalek Beach Party
The Tommys
Dani Amis (older band)
Gods Of Surf
Dave Allan and the Arrows
All Girl Bands
Dead Mans Curve (UK)
Catfight (from Atlanta)
Dick Dale
Neptunas (from Los Angeles)
The Neptunas
Fifty Foot Combo
The Friggs (from New York)
Fleshtones (UK)
The California Girls
Hawaiian Surf Rockers (Official website)
Hawaiian Surf Rockers ( site)
Irreversible Slacks
Surfing Related Music
Laika & the Cosmonauts (from Finland) (surfing and space music)
Los StraitJackets
Boston Rock Opera
Lostacapulco (from Mexico City)
Bob Fetherolf
Malibu Run
Harvey Sid Fisher (Southern California Legend)
Mercury Four
PDM (Pollo Del Mar) Surf Links
Joe Meek (legendary Producer)
Pollo Del Mar
Seks Bombora
Standing Eight @ Coogee, Sydney, Australia stocks
Sump Pump Monkeys
Surf Report
Surfing Music sites
The Insect Surfers Website
Surf Music Hall Of Fame
The Vibro Counts
Surfdog Music and Surfing
The Butthole Surfers
Tsunami Soul Surf Music Page
The Urban Surf Kings
Cowabunga Web Ring (Instrumental Surf Music)
The Bambi Molesters
Killer Surf (Music Page)
The Aqualads
Blood Red
The Breakaways
Trash Surfin
The Human Tornadoes
The Aqua Velvets
The Tsunami Soul Surf Music Page
The Bikini Men (Surf Rock Charts page)
The Anacondas
Reverb Central
The Ventures
The Phamtom Surfers
Surf Music Labels
The Pipelines
Heyday Records (surfing music label)
The Waistcoats
The Woodies
Zptduda Music
The Grooveers (Paris, France)
Golly Gee Records
The Mrzobillys
Riptide Wreckords ( website)
The Space Cossacks
Internet Radio Stations
The Space Cossacks (tribute) (internet radio inc surfing tunes)
The Fathoms
Internet Surf Radio Stations
The Coffin Daggers
The Mermen
The Atlantics
New: Surf Rock Reviews
The Neptunes
New: Surfer Babes
The Penetrators
The Surf Sluts (UK)
The Balboas
The star and key of the Indian Ocean
The Great Yankee Promoters
The Retroliners
The Great Australia Promoters
The Surfin Barmaids
Can't Stop Their Music
The Tikitones
Surf Rock, Surf Music - What's this wave of music all about?
The Vivisectors (interview & rev soon with Media Man)
The Capacitors ( site) The Capacitors (byte me)
The Astroglides (Israeli Surf Band)
The Terrible Mistakes

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