The Superheavyweights

This is a tribute to those wrestlers who are truly huge superheavyweights, or wish they were (like The Holly's).

Andre The Giant and Yokozuna are two of the biggest wrestlers of all time. Their deaths were attributed to hart attacks, influenced in part by excess eating and drinking.

The Giant, born Andre Rene Rousimoff in France in 1946, became one of the most recognized performers in the business when it took off as a mainstream property in the mid-'80s. He was literally a larger-than-life individual because of his abnormal size, a product of a rare glandular disease. When he stopped growing in height, his head, hands and feet grew beyond proportion. He stood 6-foot-3 by the age of 12. He was billed at times as standing 7-foot-4, but Meltzer reveals The Giant was closer to 6-foot-9, but his protruding features made him seem larger and taller.

Pictures show him as a behemoth with a defined physique in early years, but obese because of excess drinking and eating in the last years of his life. He weighed about 555 pounds when he died at age 46.

Rodney Anoia, a.k.a., Yokozuna, was a Somoan who was portrayed as a giant Japanese sumo wrestler. He reportedly weighed more than any other wrestler, tipping the scales between 700-800 pounds. He died at age 34, reportedly drinking heavily the night before he was discovered dead. He had been banned from some states in the U.S. because his weight was deemed too high of a risk factor in the latter part of his life. The WWF, in which he had been a two-time world champion, wanted him to reduce to some 400 pounds. Ironically, the WWF had pushed him originally to increase his weight and he obliged to enhance his career, only to lose control. At one point he was sent by the WWF to a weight-loss program, but lasted only a weekend.

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