Stevie Richards

Stevie Richards is destined to being one of the most entertaining wrestlers of all time. Stevie is one of those wrestlers who is just hard not to like. In the 1980's, Richards wouldn't have a had a hope in hell of getting a spot in the WWF or WCW, let alone playing a major part of the American pro wrestling political landscape, in his current role as the figure head of the RTC (Right to Censor) which is the WWF's equivalent to the PTC (Parents Television Council).

Like many pro wrestlers, Richards would have started out with a dream, and started competing on the indy scene. In 1994 he made his entrance into ECW (then Eastern Championship Wrestling), and things started looking up for Stevie. It was not initially apparent that he would go on to stardom in pro wrestling. Stevie came across as a better than average wrestler, with an unusual, but charismatic personality, much like a Chris Jericho. In fact, if you look at tapes of early Stevie, he bares some resemblance to an early Shawn Michaels, when he was competing in the Mid South.

As a "jobber" Stevie was dam good at his job, as a key player, he is one of the best. We acknowledge that Stevie has not got the technical skills of a Chris Benoit, however, that is not a pre requisite in the world of wrestling circa 2000, and other factors are just as important, rightly, or wrongly.

After Stevie's initial success in ECW, it was time to move on to Turner's WCW, where his claim to fame was that of a "lanky" of Raven's, belonging to the group of wrestlers in Raven's Flock, which is what Stevie was largely doing in ECW.

1998 saw Stevie move to prominent role in the WWF, where initially he was hooked up with The Blue Meanie. This was not a bad situation, but due to all the other stars being so "over", it was not possible for Stevie to get his due. Now all of that has changed. In August 2000, Stevie is a focal point of most WWF telecasts, as Vince McMahon sticks it to Mr Brent L. Bozell, President of the PTC, week after week, using Stevie as Steven, as his vehicle to piss off the PTC, regarding it's censorship agenda, whilst providing some damm entertaining television in the process! Believe it or not, this situation may even has political implications, as the WWF is urging WWF fans to vote with their freedom of choice feelings in mind, so if if this played out the way the WWF would like it, George Bush will be the next president of the United States.

Stevie, thank you for your contribution to pro wrestling, you are one of the greats.

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