Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat


Dedicated to one of the best wrestlers ever, Ricky Steamboat.

Many people including myself, feel he retired too soon. Everyone knows Ricky was an outstanding single's competitor, but he was also a tag team champion on a number of occasions. Ricky held the tag titles with numerous partners, but is probably best know for his partnership with Shane Douglas.

In the WWF Ricky won the WWF Intercontinental Title from Randy "Macho Man" Savage at Wrestlemania 3. Shortly thereafter The Honky Tonk Man defeated Steamboat with a controversial three count.

Ricky's greatest feuds were with

Ric Flair

Randy Savage

Don Muraco

Jake "The Snake" Roberts


Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat to appear at NWA TNA show on 19th June 2002

Updates: 2005

Ricky Steamboart returns to WWE as road agent

Updates: 2003

November: Steamboat assisting wrestling school. Read the interview with wrestling great, Les Thatcher.

December: Steamboat rumoured to be in negotiation with Vince McMahon of the WWE, for a WrestleMania appearance, with Ric Flair!



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