Jan 12th 2001: Rushed to hospital after his match at the PPV for a suspected compound fracture (bone puncturing the skin). Video

Sid is probably one of the most underrated "workers". I believe he has shown improvement since he left ECW for WCW. That's my opinion. Also, you gotta admit it, the fans really do get behind him.

"Who's the man? I'm the man!"

This is a quote that can only describe one man: Sid Vicious.

Once called the "greatest big man in the history of professional wrestling" by ring announcer by Michael Buffer, the former WWF and WCW champion will always be remembered in future generations for his contribution to the sport.

After debuting as Lord Humongous in the CWF and CWA promotions, Sid Eudy entered WCW in early 1989 and formed a tag team with Dan Spivey, and they were collectively known as The Skyscrapers, and were managed by Teddy Long. Sid would stay in the tag team until he defeated Tom Prichard for the Texas Heavyweight Title.

Shortly after, Sid departed for the World Wrestling Federation and feuded with Hulk Hogan. The two met at Wrestlemania 5, but Sid went down to defeat to the Hulkster. After a brief stint being managed by Harvey Wippleman, Sid returned to WCW.

He began a feud with Vader and the two were slated to battle at Starrcade '93, but Ric Flair took Sid's place after a hotel fight with Arn Anderson in England whilst on tour. Sid attacked Arn with a pair of scissors and "The Enforcer" was left with 20 puncture wounds.

Sid went on to defeat Jerry Lawler for the USWA Title in the summer of 1994 and after feuding with Henry Godwinn, Owen Hart, Dean Douglas, Yokozuna and Razor Ramon, he faced Shawn Michaels for the WWF championship at Survivor Series.

On that night in Madison Square Garden, Sid destroyed "HBK" to capture a major WWF title for the first time. After losing the belt to Bret Hart, he won their rematch on Raw in early 1997. Sid departed once again in 1998, and entered ECW in an angle with "Judge" Jeff Jones. Soon, however, another ECW locker was left empty and Sid made a huge impact at WCW's Great American Bash of 1999, Powerbombing Kevin Nash during his title defense against Randy Savage, causing a DQ.

Vicious and Savage ran roughshot through WCW as "Team Savage". At Road Wild 1999, Sid cleanly beat Sting, and began calling himself "The Millennium Man", vowing to eclipse Goldberg's streak of 176 wins by the year 2000. Goldberg and Sid finally tied up in their highly-awaited clash at Halloween Havoc. Bleeding profusely, Vicious never gave up, but the referee stopped the match and awarded it to Goldberg due to Sid's excessive bleeding. Goldberg also won their rematch at Mayhem in November, after Sid passed out from a camel clutch. The next night on Nitro, Sid and Goldberg formed an alliance against The Outsiders, due to "mutual respect". Kevin Nash defeated Sid at Starrcade in December in the Master of the Powerbomb match, after convincing the referee he powerbombed Sid.

In the chaos of Souled Out weekend in January 2000, "The Master and Ruler of the World" faced Chris Benoit for the vacant WCW World Title. Despite going down to defeat, Benoit soon left for the WWF and Sid defeated Nash for the vacant strap on Nitro, on January 24th. As Nash was the Commissioner, he vacated the title, but Sid won in back on Thunder, defeating Nash and Ron Harris in a triangle steel cage match.

The Vicious One would go on to fight off Jeff Jarrett and Scott Hall in a 3-way dance at Superbrawl 2000, and then Jarrett at Uncensored. When Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo returned to WCW in April, Sid was forced to relinquish the reward he worked so hard far, the WCW Title.

Suffering a shoulder injury soon after, he only made a brief appearance on Nitro in May 2000, attacking Diamond Dallas Page and then leaving again. However, on November 27th 2000, on Nitro, the world stood shocked as Sid returned, ready to face Scott Steiner at Starrcade 2000 for the title he never lost. Big Poppa Pump would win that war however and at Sin 2001, Steiner fought off Sid, Jeff Jarrett and Road Warrior Animal who was revealed as the mystery man in the 4-way main event. During the match, Sid suffered a serious injury, breaking his leg.

In May, word came out on the Internet that Sid was considering retirement. I personally don't think he should because I love watching him as my family does on TV, but it's up to Sid Eudy, not Sid Vicious, to decide.


"I am the Master, The Ruler...of the world."

"Wrong place, wrong time."

"Don't touch me...don't ever touch me."

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