"Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner


April 2002

1wrestling.com reports that Scott Steiner this week met a approved World Wrestling Federation doctor for a physical. The doctor reports 1wrestling.com gave medical clearance to him.

Steiner is still suffering from drop foot syndrome but can wear a brace much like a knee brace. The WWF wants to bring Steiner in only if he is healthy enough to work the schedule that they want him to.

Steiner has been working for the WWA group and has appeared on their past two pay per views. He is also scheduled to work the May 2nd New Japan Tokyo Dome show in a tag match with brother Rick Steiner.

Great speculation as to what wrestling federation Scott Steiner will resurface in - June 2001

Scott Steiner wins the WCW Heavyweight Championship (finally) from Booker T - Nov 2000 PPV

Scott Steiner doing promotional gigs for WCW Click here for a story from the Star Tribune (Dec 2000)

Update as at April 2000

Early 2000, Scott made his return to WCW after a career threatening back injury. Scott had us all fooled that it was going to be his official retirement for good (which is very rare these days in pro wrestling). He delivered an emotional interview, and then the audience was stunned, when Scott revealed he had everyone on. It's hard to believe Scott's back does not give his some trouble, after all the years of abuse (bump taking, and otherwise). It is widely speculated that Scott takes his fair share of Steroids (or something not natural). He is a generic freak, but can anyone's genetics be that good?!

Scott Steiner was suspended (for real) by WCW for 3 months, following a "shoot" interview, where Scotty went against the scrip for publicly criticizing Ric Flair and WCW.

Stay tuned to Internet reports, and live WCW TV shows for further updates!


Scott Steiner did the unthinkable when he turned on his brother Rick to join the New World Order, but to many wrestling fans, it was a smart move...the Steiner Brothers, 6-time former WCW World Tag Team Champions, 2-time former WWF Tag Team Champions, and former IWGP World Tag Champions, were considered to be arguably the greatest tag team ever, and had little else to prove at this point in their careers...

undoubtedly, many have wondered how good the Steiners would have been if they'd wrestled as singles wrestlers instead of tag teams, but few believed they'd have the chance to find out...master of the "Frankensteiner," the agile Scott Steiner possesses incredible size, strength and ability, and could have possibly gone far as a singles wrestler...

interestingly, Scott Steiner has been a singles champion before and once held the WCW World Television Championship (after Rick Steiner left WCW), though he vacated the title when the Steiners joined the WWF in 1993...

some time after resigning with WCW in 1996, the Steiners defeated the Outsiders (Scott Hall and Kevin Nash) to win their 4th WCW Tag title at the first NWO Souled Out...however, that decision was overturned by WCW/NWO head Eric Bischoff, who forced the Steiners to give up the belts...

months later, the team acquired a manager who was himself a former member of the NWO, Ted DiBiase...together, the three got redemption against the NWO when the Steiners beat Hall and Syxx for the titles on a Monday Nitro broadcast in late 1997...the decision was upheld by JJ Dillon despite the fact that Kevin Nash, who was injured at the time, was the rightful co-holder of the titles, not Syxx...

lost the titles to the Outsiders after Nash returned, but regained them on Monday Nitro in February 1998...it was prior to this victory that Scott began having problems with his brother Rick and DiBiase...often wrestled entire matches by himself (all of which he won) without tagging in Rick at all, and began showing a cocky, arrogant attitude...

also began a rivalry of sorts with NWO member Buff Bagwell over who had the best body...when Rick and Scott defeated the Outsiders for the belts on Nitro, however, the brothers appeared to be united once again...this was not to be though, for at Superbrawl VIII Scott showed his true colors...in a rematch between the Steiners and the Outsiders on that card, Scott hit his brother in the back and attacked him, then abandoned DiBiase and Rick...he then left with Hall, Nash and Dusty Rhodes , showing he had joined the NWO...

the next night on Nitro, Scott came out with the NWO with his hair and goatee dyed blond, and Buff Bagwell announced that Scott's new name in the NWO was "White Thunder" (however, this nickname was changed a short time later to "Superstar," then to "Big Poppa Pump" since WCW felt "White Thunder" could have racial overtones)..

.surprisingly though, Scott later extended an invitation for Rick to join the NWO as well and said he loved his brother and didn't want to betray him...when Rick came out, he was presented with an NWO shirt but foolishly tried to attack the NWO...his efforts were unsuccessful and he was beaten by several NWO members...

currently, it appears that Scott and Rick will wrestle each other soon, and after that feud comes to a close, perhaps "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner can finally realize his potential now that he's on his own. After all, it's about timerecently he made his allegiance clear, to that of the white and black.

He has entered into a feud with his brother, and Scott, with the help of Buff Bagwell, has managed to duck out of or sneak attack his brother. They fought a few times more, leading to a no DQ match at Halloween Havoc. At that event, Scott replaced Hall as 1/2 of the Tag Team Champions, only to lose it to Rick Steiner and Buff Bagwell (who would turn on Rick.) After that match Steiner lost his singles match against his brother also. Now while Steiner's Tag Team Title reign was under a few hours, it still existed.


To be continued...

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