RTC The Right to Censor

The "Right to Censor" is the latest pro wrestling faction, that matters, as The Rock would say. Another creation from the genius of Mr Vince McMahon, this group is headed up by Steven, formally known as Stevie Richards. The foundation of this group springs from the Parents Television Council, which is not a television gimmick, but a real organization, but the WWF has almost turned it into a gimmick. The RTC just may be one of the most successful wrestling gimmicks ever, up there with the NWO, as far reaching the masses, and helping make pro wrestling mainstream again, not just in the US and Australia, but all around the globe.

For more information on this group, go to the Stevie Richards tribute.

This page will be updated as the saga unfolds over the coming weeks. Stay tuned..

Washington Post article on violence in television (Sept 2000)


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