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Jake Roberts is launching an official website! www.jakethesnakeroberts.tv

June 2003: Greg Tingle of Media Man Australia interviews Roberts Roberts discussed WWF, Media, UK and more

Read the interview with Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Jake "The Snake" Roberts speaks with Media Man Australia, Greg Tingle

G'day Jake. What's the key attribute that dictates if someone can make it in the world of pro wrestling?

Knowledge. Knowledge is the key.

How and why did you get into the business?

I wanted to shove the business up my fathers arse.

What did you think about that documentary (Beyond The Mat)

That was bullshit. Lies....I thought Piper and Foley were my friends. They made millions off that. Me, I didn't make a dime.

An 18 year old guy does not by a 'fuckin t-shirt or a doll!

I'm making my own documentary - Beyond the Bullshit - The life and death story of Jake The Snake Roberts.

*the rest of the interview will be available to listen to and will be transcribed in full as soon as possible.

June 2002: Jake the Snake interviewed by Chris Yandek this week - "I think that all the other guys and Steve are panicking because I think that Vince brought those guys (NWO) back up there to have some fun with them. It will boost his ratings for a short time [???], but he will have some fun with them. You don't p*** on Vince McMahon and walk out free, and they all did." Jake’s interview (including a nice wrap for Rick ‘The Model’ Martel) is at www.neweraofwrestling.com

May 2002: The webmaster of this website is not Jake Roberts! We don't know Jake's e-mail address, and if we did, we would not be handing it out.

Jan 2002: Robert's is now living in the U.K Appeared on www.talksport.net : James Whale show on Monday 21 Jan 2002

In his prime, Jake "The Snake" Roberts was perhaps the best "heel" in the business. Jake retired from the wrestling business in 1996 I believe, after WWF King Of The Ring, where he helped "get over" Steve Austin , who went on to become "Stone Cold", who used the expression Austin 3:16 one of the best known slogans in wrestling history.

One of Jake's greatest feuds was with Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, who he delivered the DDT to on the cement floor before the match even started! Jake also feuded with Randy "Macho Man" Savage, "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase, Jerry "The King" Lawler, Andre The Giant and "Ravishing" Rick Rude.

Jake's snakes were named "Damien" and "Lucifer".

Please e-mail me with any interesting articles, or whatever, on Jake "The Snake" Roberts to assist building his tribute page.

Trust me : ) Don't ever turn your back on a snake!

Media Appearances and other news

July 2003 - Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts was on UK morning television show named Trisha (similar to Oprah), on ITV, and the show was entitles “Sex God 2003”. Jake was on the judging panel which also included a former winner of the awards and a Baywatch model. He was in pretty good shape, and was in an upbeat mood.

Australian Sports and Entertainment Portal and Media Man Australia (Greg Tingle), wish Jake continued success, and publicly thank him and his team in the UK for their support.


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