Rikishi Phatu (with Too Cool)

Rikishi Phatu and Tool Cool (Grandmasta Sexy and Scotty Tohotty) are the success stories of 2000. Before these latest gimmicks, these individuals were collectively known as "The Sultan" (can you remember that lame gimmick), Brian "Too Sexy" Christopher and Scott "Too Hot" Taylor. Who cares if Brian Christopher is Jerry Lawler's son, or that Scott Taylor is a former "jobber" from Memphis! These guys really hit the jackpot this time around.

All of them have always been decent "workers". They just didn't have the right gimmick. In addition, they are obviously motivated, and it shows in their matches.

It appears these individuals could be in line for some "gold" in the very near future.


Too Cool & Rikishi

Too Cool

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