Raven (Scott Levy) is one of the most talented wrestlers who ever lived. By all accounts, her did not totally "find himself" until his entrance into ECW in 1995.

Previously he had worked for numerous promotions including GWF,USWA and WWF. As we speak (July 2000), Raven is in serious talks with WWF regarding returning to the promotion. Last time he was in Titan he went under the name, Johnny Polo, and was the Manager for The Quebecers and also did some voices overs and some production for the WWF.

The WCW is where Raven got most of his exposure between 1998 and min 1999. No doubt he earnt a decent income, but some of the TV was not well done, and many of the angles just didn't make sense.

Some of the most memorable feud's in Levy's career were with Sandman, Scotty Riggs (Scott Anton) DDP, Dreamer and Billy Kidman.

Raven is very much the individualist, however, in his career Raven has been a key member of a number of factions, most notable being "The Flock". The flock gathered some steam in WCW, but the break up was a formality and the members went on to bigger and better things.

Cult figure, tragic hero, misunderstood soul. All those descriptions accurately fit Raven, the much-traveled wrestler who's about to embark on another (and possibly final) stint in the WWF.

After leaving WCW a couple of years ago, Raven gained weight and lost desire, according to many close observers of the sport, ECW owner Paul Heyman among them. He and Heyman had a falling out of sorts and his contract wasn't renewed. Now Scott Levy, at age 38, is back in the World Wrestling Federation. Levy had a fairly lackluster stay there several years ago as yuppie manager Johnny Polo. In 1993-94, Raven led the Quebecers to three WWF tag title reigns. His impact in the WWF was minimal and he joined ECW shortly thereafter, where he became a cult figure among its hardcore, party- intensive fans.

But his lifestyle has been a rough one. He reportedly gave up drinking two years ago and is in better shape than he's been in for quite a while. He worked at times halfheartedly in ECW, but that won't be good enough in the WWF, and he's smart enough to recognize that. But he'll be surrounded by a few friends there: Perry Saturn, Tazz and Chris Benoit all have worked with and like Raven. What form his character takes remains to be seen, as does his success rate. But Vince McMahon is willing to give this aging journeyman another shot at the big time. The reason is that Raven has star quality. Fans like him and McMahon can capitalize on that aspect of Levy's persona better than any other promoter. Only in WCW did he have difficulty getting along with fans. And that's because WCW, in typical fashion, misused his character. They never let him develop the way he did in ECW, and as a result he returned to ECW and took a significant pay cut.

Raven, at his best, is a tortured soul, a product of society so vile that he learns to hate everyone and everything. That's his gimmick and he sells it well. "What about me? What about Raven?" draws empathy for the character and cheers from the fans who love his grunge look, pierced eyebrow and low-key, self-deprecating demeanor. Make no mistake, young fans think he's cool even though he doesn't use high-risk moves or fancy finishes. The Evenflow is a quick-strike version of Jake Roberts' DDT. He takes his opponents down for the three count and then sulks into the corner of the ring, almost apologetic for winning the match.

His bloody battles with Tommy Dreamer are legendary, as the two played out a boyhood friendship-gone-bad feud that ignited ECW's fans. It wasn't the classic good guy vs. bad guy scenario of years past. Instead it was the good guy vs. the misunderstood guy. Raven left ECW in the summer of 1997 after a loss to Dreamer. He's also feuded with Sandman, Bam Bam Bigelow, Scotty Anton and a host of others over the past few years. He held the ECW Tag Team Title with Stevie Richards twice and was also a two-time ECW World Champion. Raven lost the ECW Title for the last time on April 13, 1997, at Barely Legal, ECW's first pay-per-view.

Wrestling fans will have to wait and see how Raven and the WWF co-exist after a six-year dissolution. Raven, older and wiser, might go along with whatever plan is offered. It's rumored he might even help with the booking of other wrestlers' matches. Behind the scenes Levy likely will become a team player. But don't look for it in the storylines. That's just not Raven's style.

Raven will go down in history as one of the most talented and unique performers in pro wrestling. "Quote the Raven Nevermore".


Raven is now in the WWF and has often been teaming with former ECW Colleague, TAZZ


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