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Media Man Australia: Steve "Crusher" Rackman

Perhaps Australia's toughest (and most hated wrestler) in Australian pro wrestling history, this is my tribute to the legend of Steve "Crusher" Rackman. That's Rackman with the mic.

Until the blockbuster, 'Crocodile Dundee', Steve was only really well know in Sydney. Now the entire world knows Steve as the bloke who played "Donk" so well.

Today, Steve has settled down quite a bit, and unless you knew better, you would not know that he was once a terror in the ring, and many wrestlers very much disliked facing off with "Crusher" in the ring. I'm not so certain wrestlers would want to get too close to Rackman once the "show" was over also! Steve lived up to his "Crusher" title, and I personally have vivid memories of Steve putting on terrible beatings on the likes of George "The Balmain Tiger" Barnes, Larry O'Dea, Ron Miller and many more.

Rackman was even a N.W.A. Tag Team Champion, which he held for 10 months with Missouri Mauler. More on The Mauler another time, however you will find an article below. Rackman may have been Tag Team Champion, however I always saw the man as more of a singles competitor, as I could not imagine who would get on with him, such was his persona.


• Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles (2001)
• The Blood of Heroes (1990)
• Crocodile Dundee 2 (1988)
• Crocodile Dundee (1986)
• At Last... Bullamakanka The Motion Picture
• The Last of the Knucklemen
• Turkey Shoot

Steve is now semi-retired. He was formally the Manager of the Oceanic Health Club & Gym, Holiday Inn, Coogee Beach.

Below you will find some of the wrestling titles Steve has won in his career.

N.W.A. Australasian Tag Team Title

Larry O'Day & Ron Miller: 5th July 1974, Sydney (defeated by)
Missouri Mauler & Steve Rackman: 9th May 1975 Sydney (defeated by)
Larry O'Day & Bobby Hart: 1st June 1975 Sydney

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Reference for Greg Tingle, by Steve Rackman


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Places Traveled and Frequented
Bourbon Street Restaurant & Bar, Bangkok, Thailand
Ummarin Thai Restaurant, The Spot, Randwick, Sydney, Australia
Coogee Beach
Thailand (Steve and I share a common interest in travel in Thailand)


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