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VegieCars is an independent Australian-owned enterprise operated by Marcus Deuchar and Christina Reeves, committed to providing affordable and high-quality products to people wishing to convert their vehicles to run on straight waste vegetable oil.

VegieCars grew organically out of a desire to share information with others that could help them out in some way. Friends and acquaintances were interested in what we were doing and wanted to know more and more.

This began taking up much of our time that our family and house renovating could not afford, which then led to the development of the first edition of the booklet, now in it's third incarnation. The Booklet was developed primarily as a means of freeing up our time from repetitively talking to people many of who we had never met before.

The booklet became so popular that it naturally led to people then wanting to be able to buy the parts to do a conversion and find some oil, so VegieCars was born. After nearly a year of research and development, our first range of products hit the market and we haven't looked back since!

This is the beginning of what we hope to be a very rewarding and successful enterprise. We have many ideas of where the business can travel especially with substantial capital investment.

We believe that running your car on vegetable oil is an ecologically sensible solution to running a vehicle, allowing us to use up the embodied energy in the existing diesel vehicle fleet in a carbon positive manner.

Customer Service
At VegieCars an important element of our personal philosophy is a striving to develop a business which provides exceptional customer service in order to achieve peak levels of performance and give us an edge over our competition.

In this technologically advanced world where we are interacting less and less with people face to face, we feel a growing need to work even harder at developing a continuous improvement in customer service culture. We recognise the need to build customer confidence in order to promote the VegieCars brand and we hope to use your feedback as a measurement of our strivings and as motivation for improvement.

Marcus believes that there is no such thing as a customer complaint, only constructive criticism, and aims to have happy customers who are willing participants in the growth of VegieCars. We value your feedback to enable us to grow our business in accordance with customer needs. Please take the time to offer your comments on any aspect of our business.

We strive hard to provide exceptional customer service and would prefer that if you experience any dissatisfaction that you tell us about it first before telling the rest of the world! Please give us the opportunity to resolve any discontentment and improve our dealings with our customers. We look forward to hearing all of your comments including constructive criticism as this gives us the opportunity to improve the quality of our service to you.

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Become a VegieCars Agent

Our customers are an important part of our growing business. We recognise that word of mouth is one of the most productive and successful ways of advertising a product such as the VegieCars range of products.

It often takes someone who has already converted successfully to convince others to do the same. We need your help to spread the word on VegieCars by talking about us to everyone you know who is interested.

To reward your efforts we offer a rebate or product discount scheme to our existing customers both for sales, and referrals leading to sales. This allows you to be an agent without any capital outlay.

We are happy for you to take this offer as far as you like. Why not consider booking a stall at your local ‘Sustainability/ Healthy Living/Farming Expo, or putting some brochures up around your local area in relevant places? We will support your endeavors by providing brochures with your reference so that any sale that comes our way via your reference will result in a reward for your initiative.
To talk to us more about this offer, please contact
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Vegetable Oil Fuel
The use of Vegetable Oil Fuel is carbon positive, this means that more carbon is locked up into the soil from growing the oil seed plant than released into the atmosphere by burning the oil produced from it. While the exhaust releases greenhouse gasses not that much different to petroleum fuels, the carbon being released was only captured from the atmosphere by the oil seed plant in the last couple of years. By using Vegetable Oil as fuel, you are taking part in the carbon cycle, reducing the carbon in the atmosphere rather than releasing more carbon from ancient deposits.

Vegetable Oil as Fuel won't save the world, but it is a step in the right direction allowing us to use the embodied energy in our existing diesel vehicle fleet while we wait for the next generation of truly sustainable vehicles to come along, which are likely to run on hydrogen produced from solar power.

By using Waste Vegetable Oil, we are not tying up valuable farming land to grow fuel crops. The Oil has already been used for it's intended purpose when it was grown as a food, and has used up it's embodied energy, which is the energy that was taken to grow it in the first place. By collecting your fuel locally from your favorite take-a-way, you are not wasting the energy of mass transportation that is contained in conventional fuels.
It is a great feeling driving down the road, knowing that you're having a positive impact on the environmental situation.

The diesel engine was originally designed by Rudolf Diesel to run on vegetable oil, and later came to be run on mineral fuels. He thought that this engine could assist farmers to be more self sustaining, and not have to rely on outside inputs for their mechanisation. Today most farm vehicles have a diesel motor, which many farmers could be operating from resources grown on their own farm!

Today's diesel vehicles are not designed to operate on straight vegetable oil without modification to the vehicle. Many people modify the oil into a thinner fuel called fatty acid methyl esters otherwise known as Biodiesel, which requires a chemical reaction in a processing plant and the use of about 20% Methanol which is produced from fossil fuels.

Unlike Biodiesel, Vegetable Oil Fuel doesn't require any fossil fuels or chemicals for its production and is essentially a waste product of the food industry. Vegetable Oil as fuel doesn't attract a fuel excise in Australia, making it a much cheaper option for those considering the backyard production of Biodiesel which will work out to be at least 60 cents per litre more expensive due to the fuel excise and the costs of chemical inputs.

The cost of converting your diesel engine is likely to be significantly less than establishing a decent biodiesel plant. A conversion will often pay itself off in one service period. Check out this cost comparsion.
Every pub has a fryer and every town has a pub!

Waste Vegetable oil is available from just about any fish and chip shop, takeaway, café, restaurant, or canteen - often with such a high quality that you can pour it directly into your fuel tank and drive away!
Vegiecars is currently undertaking a trial delivering quality Waste Vegetable Oil to a fuel tank installed at your home and investigating establishing a refuelling depot in your locality.

If successful, we will be able to deliver fuel to your home or local depot for around half the price of diesel fuel to most cities and regional towns in Australia. If you are interested in having VegieFuel delivered to your location, please contact us with an expression of interest. (Credit: Vegie Cars).


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