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Djimon Hounsou Continues Campaign For 'Black Panther' Movie - 4th December 2010
(Credit: MTV)

As Marvel Studios prepares for "Thor," "Captain America" and "The Avengers," the successful comic book movie studio is undoubtedly exploring future films starring some of their other popular superheroes.

Could Black Panther be one of them? That's certainly the hope, according to "Gladiator" actor Djimon Hounsou. The Oscar-nominated actor previously lent his voice to an animated "Black Panther" series, and in a recent interview with io9, Hounsou said that his work on that show was an attempt to generate interest in a big screen "Black Panther" film.

"That was the idea: using it as a leverage to tell a feature story," he said — and his hopes for a "Black Panther" movie are far from over.

"He's a king, he's a man of the people, and he's very powerful — he challenges himself throughout his kingdom, and I think that's rare when the king puts his own life [on the line] and challenges [people] to beat him, in order to see [who's] the best out there," the actor enthused. "He's really cool. He comes from a world in Africa that is cool, and has all those minerals and it's very exciting. It's just a matter of time for that to be realized."

We agree that it's just a matter of time before a "Black Panther" movie gets off the ground, but will Hounsou be in the title role? He's certainly got competition, as "Lost" actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje previously told MTV News that he was working with Marvel on bringing the character to theaters. (Credit: MTV)


Joe Quesada Won't Confirm 'Hulk' TV Series, Says Marvel TV 'Has To Kick Major Ass' - 29th November 2010
(Credit: MTV)

Although Guillermo Del Toro and David Eick have both confirmed their work on a new "Hulk" television project, the series isn't officially official yet — at least not according to Joe Quesada.

The Marvel Entertainment chief creative officer spoke with Comic Book Resources about the company's upcoming plans for Marvel TV. When asked about rumors of the new "Hulk" show and a possible "Cloak and Dagger" series on ABC Family, Quesada declined to comment on "anything that we haven't formally announced or on anything in the rumor mill."

That said, Quesada did have plenty of thoughts to share on the overall goals of Marvel TV, including the thought processes that go into deciding which Marvel characters are best suited for a television series.

"When you look at Marvel and it’s characters we have a huge catalog with tons of characters and concepts that can adapt beautifully to TV," said Quesada. "The fun part for our ABC family and us is going through these characters and concepts while figuring out which would be the very best at this exact time."

"The one thing that’s critical is that whatever that first show turns out be, it has to hit the ground running and it has to kick major ass," he continued. "We have to make a huge statement about what Marvel TV is and what the future is going to hold for us, so we’re taking great care with what we consider for development and how we develop it. This will also take into account the creative people that we choose to get involve with on each of our shows, and in the Merry Marvel tradition, we’ll only be working with the very best."

Quesada addressed the numerous rumors currently surrounding Marvel TV, saying: "We are working on a significant number of ideas with some brilliantly talented TV folk, but that’s all I can say about it for now. As much as the world of comics is filled with rumor and innuendo, the world of movies and TV is fueled by it. It’s a cottage industry. There’s a lot of stuff out there about what we supposedly have planned, but I’m not going to add any wood to the fire just yet, at least not until there are concrete things to report."

"That said, I’m out of my head with excitement at some of the things I’ve read and heard pitched for the small screen," he concluded. "When I think back to just where we were last year as a company and I look at us today, it’s pretty miraculous. When people use to ask me years ago where I saw Marvel ten years in the future, I would always say, 'Complete worldwide domination!' Looks like we’re on our way!' (Credit: MTV)


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Could be a case of five party right here, by Emily Dunn and Elicia Murray
6th February 2008
(Credit: The Sydney Morning Herald)

LAST year it was bad-boy rapper Snoop Dogg, banned by the immigration authorities. This year MTV Australia has resorted to trawling Hollywood's bars and rehabilitation facilities talent for their Australian award-show spin-off.

Rehab-regular and repeat traffic offender Lindsay Lohan is reported to be on the music network's wish list for its video music awards on April 27, but the list doesn't end there.

"Nothing is confirmed," a network spokeswoman told SiT yesterday. "But we are looking at a number of other girls in Lohan's league."

With Lohan reportedly also in talks with MTV Russia, MTV Australia have sent proposals to at least five other party-hearty gals of La

Lohan's calibre including jail-cell heiress Paris Hilton and drink-driving brat-packer, Mischa Barton.

Others rumoured to grace our shores for the awards include Rehab singer Amy Winehouse and train wreck Britney Spears - if she is given the go ahead from her psychiatric care facility.

Last year the awards garnered headlines when its headline-act, rapper Snoop Dogg, was refused a visa due to criminal convictions. Previous Hollywood it-girl guests have included Anna Nicole-Smith and Nicole Richie.

But we are holding out for an announcement in March - when organisers expect to have names signed and sealed - that all five of the aforementioned trash-stars will be heading our way for the award show. That would be a party to remember.


MTV Wikipedia Profile


MTV (Music Television) is an American cable television network based in New York City. Launched on August 1, 1981, the original purpose of the channel was to show music videos. Today, MTV broadcasts a variety of pop culture, youth culture, music videos and reality television shows aimed at older adolescents and young adults.

Since its premiere, MTV has revolutionized the music industry. Slogans such as "I want my MTV" became embedded in public thought, the concept of the VJ (video jockey) was popularized, the idea of a dedicated video-based outlet for music was introduced, and both artists and fans found a central location for music events, news, and promotion. MTV has also been referenced countless times by musicians, other TV channels and shows, films and books.

MTV has spawned a handful of sister channels in the U.S. and dozens of affiliated international channels around the world. MTV's moral influence on young people, including examples of censorship and social activism on the channel, has been the subject of debate for years. MTV's choice to focus on non-music programming has also been contested relentlessly, demonstrating the channel's continued impact on popular culture. (Credit: Wikipedia).


MTV Australia Wikipedia Profile


MTV Australia is the Australian version of MTV Music Television, a channel specialising in music and youth culture programming. It is owned by MTV Networks and primarily features imported shows as well as locally produced programming.


1980s - 1990s

The "MTV" brand was launched in Australia during April 1987 as a music program on the free-to-air Nine Network . The program was hosted by Richard Wilkins and aired late on Friday and Saturday nights. The program presented a mixture of music videos, artist interviews and music segments and relied heavily on imported American content. Unlike its Australian counterparts such as ABC TV's Rage and Network Ten's Video Hits, its focus was predominantly hard rock music and the program rarely played dance, rap or Rhythm and blues music. The program was discontinued in 1993 when Nine chose not to renew the licence with Viacom. Nine said the axing was due to high production and licensing costs.

"ARC Music Channel", owned by Austereo, was later launched, and in 1996 it affiliated with MTV Networks, with joint ownership including Village Roadshow and Optus Television, and was rebranded as the MTV channel in 1997[1]. Later the channel broke away to become a wholly owned subsidiary of MTV Networks.

2000 and onwards

In 2004 MTV was launched on the Foxtel and Austar cable services and in the same year the channel set up MTV Networks Australia, which began work on launching its own original programming with the launch of the Australian Version of the hit American show TRL on September 10, 2004 with host Kyle Sandilands from 2day fm. In 2005 MTV premiered more original programming with MTV Full Tank and on March 3 MTV launched the first inaugural MTV Australia Video Music Awards at Luna Park's Big Top with hosts The Osbournes. At the end of 2006 it was announced that MTV would premiere its latest original show, MTV The Lair which premiered on January 26, 2007 which is aired live every Thursday at the Metro Theatre. MTV Networks Australia also operates VH1 Australia and in 2007 launched TMF Australia. The Network is owned by Viacom International (Australia), Ltd.


MTV Australia was originally only available through the Optus Television service (previously Optus Vision). This exclusivity deal was dropped in late 2002 and in 2003 MTV became available in a premium package on the FOXTEL subscription TV platform. Around this time the channel also became available on the Austar platform.

Currently MTV is carried by all pay TV providers. It is available as a basic channel on Optus Television (cable) and SelecTV but remains a premium extra on FOXTEL (cable and satellite) and Austar (regional satellite only). Select areas of New South Wales & Victoria can receive MTV Australia via Neighbourhood Cable.

Programming and Schedule

Most of the channel's programming is sourced from MTV USA, MTV Europe and from other content providers within the Viacom/MTV Networks family. This includes entertainment programs popular in the US such as Pimp My Ride, Laguna Beach and Room Raiders. Frequently the channel features themed programme blocks and "marathons" on weekends, featuring an entire season of a particular show played over several hours.

MTV Australia's flagship programme is a locally produced, original format, called The Lair - which attracts the very best music talent to perform live. Stadium acts such as Evanescence rock out next to unsigned breaking bands from around the Australian music scene.

Music based programming makes up 50% of the overall channel content, with entertainment/reality shows making up the remaining 50%. Back to back music videos are still available throughout the day at various times, plus overnight and during breakfast. Exclusive specialised music shows that still frequent the channel are 'Making the Video', 'MTV Live' concerts and 'Kickin' It', where specific bands or artists host their own half an hour on the channel.

Locally Produced Programming

List of Locally Produced Programmes on MTV Australia


Early versions of MTV Australia received criticism for playing too much rap and R'n'B music. This was blamed on the fact that MTV was originally an American station.

The large number of ringtone advertisements, particularly for the Jamster! service, carried by the station has been the source of much frustration among viewers.


MTV Australia Video Music Awards

In 2005 MTV Australia launched the first ever MTV Australia Video Music Awards, based on the VMA awards format used in Europe and the US. It was held at Luna Park in Sydney. Following suit with the location, the AVMAs had a circus theme and was hosted by various members of the Osbourne family. The awards ceremony included many international and local guests.


In a joint venture with Sony Ericsson and Optus, MTV launched the Optus ONE80PROJECT which was a competition for young writers, directors and producers to create a three minute pilot and script to be aired on TV, mobile phone and internet. The prize was an opportunity to work with the MTV production team to create full-length dramas to air on the MTV Network. The entries opened on September 11, 2006 and closed on 24 November 2006 and the voting then commenced on 1 December 2006 and closed on 26 January 2007. The voting consisted of Viewers Choice and Judges Choice. The winners were announced on 7 February 2007 with The Viewers Choice going to Ben Briand for Hammer Bay and the Judges Choice going to Karl Mather and Zenon Kohler for Takoyaki City.

Current VJs

Current VJs include:

* Jason Dundas, 23. Was hired through the 2003 VJ search.
* Lyndsey Rodrigues, 24. Joined MTV Australia in 2005.
* Maz Compton, 25. Joined MTV Australia in 2005, a dedicated host of TRL Australia.
* Darren McMullen, 24. The bad boy of rock who hosts the live music show The Lair.
* Nathan Sapsford, 28. Also joined MTV in 2005, host of TRL Australia.
* Ruby Rose, 21. Was hired through the 2007 VJ search.

Past VJs

* Verushka Darling. Hosted Verushka's Closet from 1999 to late 2004. Verushka made history by not only being the first Drag Queen VJ in Australia, but also the first to have their own national show. Verushka now works behind the camera as promo producer for VH1, copywriter for MTV, VH1 and Overdrive, as well as script writer for the AVMAs and other longform shows.
* Yvette Duncan. The original MTV Australia VJ. Started in 1996 hosting MTV Most Wanted. Left MTV when Most Wanted was replaced with TRL Australia.
* Mike Fitzpatrick. Radio host of the Triple M breakfast show The Cage. In 1999 he hosted the Australian version of Video Clichés. Was also the host of Pepsi Taste of Summer in 2000 and fill in host of MTV Most Wanted.
* Natalie Michaels. Host of Super Sylin’. Left for Sky News Australia in 2005.
* Caleb Packham. Presenter of the Oz Countdown and later host of weekend breakfast show Mad 4 Hits. Left for Channel Nine.
* Kyle Sandilands. Radio host for the Austereo network. Originally joined in 2005 for TRL Australia. Later left the channel when he became a judge for Australian Idol.
* Christine and Sharon Muscat. Hosted Australia Top 30 Show.
* Natasha Zuvela. Hosted Australian Top 30 Show prior to S2S.

Links with Terrestrial Television

Occasionally Australian terrestrial (free to air) television stations look at the success of shows on MTV before purchasing them for broadcast. In particular, Network Ten who purchased broadcast rights to The Osbournes from MTV Networks. Ten was required to wait until the show had aired on MTV Australia before broadcasting on their own channel. Later Ten purchased rights to Jackass, Pimp My Ride and Laguna Beach.

Public broadcaster ABC also purchased the rights to animation Daria, which airs during its children's programming slot.


The MTV Australia website has had a turbulent past. It was originally hosted without a domain name by Village Roadshow. It gained a domain name in 1998 as The website was very basic and only included information about MTV Unplugged and the American VMAs. In 1999 the website seemed to have been abandoned completely. In 2000 the website simply redirected to the American MTV site before the domain expired and was locked by a holding company. With MTV's expansion in 2003 the site was revived but pointed towards the MTV Asia Awards. A proper MTV Australia website was launched in 2004 and has since gone through several redesigns. Mini sites for TRL Australia and the AVMAs were also set up.

The site was redesigned in 2007 and free broadband video channel MTV Overdrive launched on April 19, 2007 to coincide with the MTV Australia Video Music Awards 2007, which the Overdrive Channel is only available throughout the territory. (Credit: Wikipedia).



Media Man is delighted to have covered the 2006 MTV Music Video Awards in Sydney.

Public thank yous to Peter Garrett MP, Kyle Sandilands, Jeff Fenech, Dan Deltondo, Brendon Moo (Foxtel PR), Flo and Alana (Nicci Andrews Consulting), Lou Lou Whelan (photographer), Pierre Smithdorf (photo journalist) and everyone else who helped make it a fantastic event.