Harry M. Miller

The man they call Harry M

Harry M. Miller is one of Australia's best known promoters, public relations consultants and media managers.

Miller and his group produce live entertainment, manage celebrities and work in crisis management. At least that's pretty much the company line. The public wouldn't be surprised one bit if he has his fingers in a few other pies.

Harry Maurice Miller was born in Auckland, New Zealand in 1934.

In the late 1950s he established himself as a show business promoter and entrepreneur. The story goes that he started a record label "with one record".

The man they call Harry M moved to Australia in 1963, establishing the firm Pan Pacific Productions Pty Ltd.

Miller has put together some of the greatest entertainment productions that Australia and New Zealand have ever seen. These included tours by such artists as Louis Armstrong, Artur Rubinstein, Tom Jones, the Rolling Stones and the Beach Boys.

By the 1970s he was promoting the hugely successful musicals "Hair" and "Jesus Christ Superstar". Shortly thereafter he was appointed a Director of Qantas and organiser of the Queen's Silver Jubilee celebrations in Australia.

1982 proved a difficult year will legal challenges.

Like the great minds in history, Harry M was able to move forward, and it became apparent that the entertainment industry had bigger and better things in store for Harry M.

The majority of the 1980s saw Miller focus on his agriculture and farming interests, at which he excelled, with many industry honors coming his way.

In 1992, Harry M Miller returned to the theatre with the first arena version of a stage musical, Jesus Christ Superstar. Directed by Richard Wherrett and featuring John Farnham, Kate Ceberano and Jon Stevens, this production was seen by 1 million people, grossed $40 million in 16 weeks, and cemented a new form of mass entertainment in Australia.

Miller produced the New York smash hit play M Butterfly in 1994, and in 1997 produced the off-Broadway musical, Pageant, that won over both fans and critics.

Today the Miller Group represents the interests of over 30 remarkable talents including many of Australia's most recognised names -Maggie Tabberer, Deborah Hutton, Herb Elliott and Gough Whitlam to name but a few.

The Harry M Miller Group not only acts for individuals but also acts as a marketing and sponsorship strategic consultancy collaborating with government and big business. The Miller Group has worked with bodies as diverse as the The Australian Opera, The Australian Ballet, The National Institute of Dramatic Art, The Southern Pacific Hotels Corporation, The Colonial State Bank and Telstra Stadium.

Clearly, Miller has bridged the gap between "old school" promoting and the new age. Miller has been instrumental in making some legends in the entertainment industry, and he continues to create stars.

Recently he has been hard at work making names out of talent that appears in reality TV shows such as "Big Brother".

Could Harry M be eyeing off the author of this very piece, Greg Tingle, of Media Man Australia?

Miller has demonstrated work ethic, know how and dogged determination throughout the years. Whether it be doing "odd jobs" in his early years on his rise to the top, to running one of the world's most successful personality management, crisis management and marketing strategy companies.

It's difficult to argue that Harry M isn't a genius at managing personalities and controlling crises. One need look no further than what he has done for none other than himself over the years.

Miller's company slogan is "35 years representing people who make history".

Harry, you certainly have made history, and you've made it once again, featuring on Media Man Australia.

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