Mario Milano

Mario Milano: The Italian Stallion

When a word like "legend" gets thrown around all too often these days, here is a man that is truly deserving of that tilt.

Mario Milano was and still is, a legend of professional wrestling.

Even today, decades since first winning his first major world title, the name, Mario Milano demands respect not only here in Australia, but in all four corners of the globe.

The United States, Japan, Canada, New Zealand and all points in between - they all know the name Milano.

The Italian - Australian strongman has met, defeated (and survived), most of the greats in pro wrestling rings.

Mario Milano defeated Killer Kowalski on September 08, 1967 in Sydney, AUSTRALIA to win his first International Wrestling Alliance (IWA) World Heavyweight Championship.

Milano is largely responsible for putting Australian pro wrestling "on the mate". Sure, there were others like The Australian Kangaroos, Killer Karl Kox, Steve "Crusher" Rackman, and so the list goes on, but ask anyone on the street about the glory days of Australian professional wrestling, and more often than not, Milano is the name they come up with.

There was something very likable about Milano. Not just his tremendous wrestling skills, strength and agility. His charisma and charm was undeniable in and out of the ring. More importantly than that, he respected the fans, which was more than many "wrestling legends" did, back then, or today.

Much more than an "Italian Stallion", Milano was the "peoples champion", before the term was cliché, and the sport and art form known as professional wrestling became "sports entertainment".

Whether your a fan of pro wrestling, or "just curious" (perhaps a "closet fan"), like it or not, but Mario Milano is one of the key reasons why Australian once enjoyed being the wrestling hotbed of the world.



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