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Max Markson, Director Of Markson Sparks! Wins Media Man Positive Attitude Of The Month Award - May 2010

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Markson Sparks!

Max Markson is Mr PR in every sense of the title.

He knows what words can do. Hell, they can start and end wars, strengthen or shatter relationships and motivate or persuade our behaviour.

Words are powerhouses of influence. Hell, they can start and end wars, strengthen or shatter relationships and motivate or persuade our behaviour. Just look at Max Markson.

No amount of words can do justice to Markson's accomplishments over the year, however Media Man will give it a damm good shot!

Max is a smart operator, professional and results driven. And is the owner of one mean sense of humour, that has to be experienced to be believed. Trust me on this one.

It all began in England, working for this father. Fast forward to now and he manages the cream of Australia's and New Zealand's talent, and organizes charity functions that sport the world's A-List - under the Markson Sparks! promotional umbrella.

Max started as a fish and has swum ever since. From a 7 year-old gill and scale performer for his father's aqua performance business, Max has promoted rock concerts, pie eating, belly flop and worm eating contests, dial-a-fruit-basket, part-time "Superman" gigs, all the way up to selling big stories to Australia's "current affairs" programs and promoting business functions with guest speakers including former Presidents and Prime Ministers.

Max Markson is the manager of stars: Bob Hawke, Ita Butrose, Linda Evangelista, Greg Matthews, Belinda Green, Jack Brabham, Kamahl, Pro Hart, Jane Flemming, "Aussie" Joe Bugner, Dawn Fraser. Granted, some were public names before contact with Markson, but "Maxy baby" helped kept them there. Max proudly proclaims, "I can make anyone a star", and who's to argue? More than an individual promoter, "Maxy" has represented, and brought success to the corporate world. 2WS, 2UE, 2GB, Reebok, Sargents Pies, Norgen-Vaaz, "The Mean Machine", Women's Day, Channel 9, The Avillion Hotel The Variety Club and Sir Roden Cutler Charities have all gained from the Markson magic.

Is Max pre-occupied with money? No. Max appreciates the currency of relationships. Relationships have a value and cannot be bought. And no amount of money can replace true friendship. Having had the pleasure of Max's company, he does possess the personal touch. This guy is even known to break into song during interview!

A generous giver to charities, the media have largely ignored his benevolence, Team Markson have raised many millions and he has helped many charities and businesses stay afloat.

Like many, Max has suffered loss and misfortune. For example he lost $10,000 on a deal gone bad, and was left with a T-shirt for his money, wharfs collapsing, lack of water to dive into and even being left high and dry. Like the true champion he is, Max moved forward and makes the deals that other promoters dream of.

Markson brokered the $500,000 Bob Hawke deal, that broke Australia's chequebook journalism records. It's enough to have a journalist committed. And you thought Natasha Ryan was big!

All credit to Max, he has turned the tables on the media. , "They" now pay him, rather than the media charging "punters" and others, ridiculous amounts of money just to get a guernsey.

If you ever have the opportunity to meet Max, take it. Wise advice, know-how and his enthusiasm is contagious.

Even the brightest sparks can benefit from Max's wisdom. In his own words, "successful business is based on Persistence, Enthusiasm and Focus".

Max Markson is the "down under" king of public relations and promotions. His crown is likely to remain firmly positioned for some time.


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