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Baton Rouge, LA—March 14, 2008—, who earlier this week unveiled their newly refined luxury goods and services online platform, is pleased to announce their partnership with the 2nd Annual Fireball Run Transcontinental Rally to help find America’s missing children.

The 2nd Annual Fireball Run Transcontinental Rally is a 3500 mile, 9 day, Adventurtainment rally™ which begins in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on September 25, 2008 and ends on October 4, 2008 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The rally, comprised of 100 teams of some of the most successful people on the planet, has selected Child Rescue Network ( ) as the official charity benefactor. Each Fireball Run team is assigned a different missing child for whom the team must draw as much attention to as possible by speaking with the communities and distributing as many posters as they can along the 3500 mile trek. The inaugural year, 2007, helped to find 12 missing children. offers the affluent access to information about the finest hotels, private jets and the latest in luxury goods and services the world over. The simple, yet engaging interface with targeted browsing and search capabilities directs users to desired information in the quickest and easiest way possible. has partnered with Fireball Run to heighten awareness of this great event online and within the ever-growing Luxury community.

“Participating in an event of this magnitude and partnering with Fireball Run directly reflects’s commitment to encouraging the luxury good and services community to conduct acts of giving and kindness for the common good,” said Amanda McConnell, COO of

“Fireball Run is a purpose driven lifestyle brand. As one of America’s most prominent and passionate all-VIP motoring events, we are honored to join forces with another purpose driven brand. and Fireball Run share similar visions for growth and commitment to community. Together we will help recover America’s missing children and inspire others to do the same,” said Fireball Run President, J “J. J.” Sanchez.

About was formed in 1998 as a means to connect high end retailers with their growing global clientele online, which had not existed previously. As the $150 billion luxury industry expands and adapts, in kind, is enabling the affluent to quickly and conveniently find exceptional goods and services online worldwide while providing the ideal palette for luxury goods and services providers to engage this desirable demographic in a non-intrusive mutually beneficial manner. is a global resource dedicated to emphasizing charity, charitable events and the encouragement of acts of giving within the luxury sector by connecting companies and individuals to organizations with common goals.

About Fireball Run

Fireball Run Transcontinental Rally is America’s Adventurtainment rally™. The annual Fireball Run is a highly interactive live action “game” and America is the game board. One Hundred teams comprised of some of the most successful people on the planet embark on a 3500 mile 9 day transcontinental adventure of a lifetime. The 2008 event will start in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and will zigzag through the coolest parts of America to finish in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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