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Roulette is one of the oldest and most famous casino games around. Our roulette wheel has 37 separately numbered slots alternately coloured red and black, with the '0' coloured green. The objective is to predict which number the ball will stop on once it has been released into the spinning wheel by the dealer.

To place a bet, select your chip value from the 'BANK' window and then click directly on the area of the table on which you wish to place your bet. Multiple clicks will increase the number of chips you bet. To remove a chip, click the 'Clear last' button. Alternatively, click 'Cancel' to remove all chips from the table. All bets must be placed before the timer shown in the 'BANK' window runs out.

The dealer will spin the wheel and release the ball. Once the ball has come to rest the dealer will announce the winning number and all bets will be settled automatically. The timer will then begin counting down to the start of the next game.

You can make a number of different bets in roulette. These are split into inside bets which are bets placed on the numbered section of the table, and outside bets which are placed on the other areas.

Inside bets
Straight-up bet
A bet on an individual number. The simplest roulette bet with the highest payout chance. This bet pays at 35:1, plus the original stake.

Split bet
A two-number bet which is placed on the line connecting the two numbers– for example, covering 24 and 27. This type of bet pays 17:1 plus the original stake.

Corner bet
A four-number bet, placed at the corner of four numbers - for example, covering 8, 9, 11 and 12. This bet pays 8:1 plus the original stake.

Street bet
A three-number bet, placed at the end of a row of numbers - for example, covering 13, 14 and 15. A street bet pays 11:1 plus the original stake.

Line bet
A six-number bet placed at the junction of two street bets – for example, covering 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 and 36. Line bets pay 5:1 plus the original stake.

Special bets
These are a number of multiple bets that are traditional to the game. Each bet covers a different group of numbers. These bets are available through the 'Special bets' button. Payouts vary for these bets.

Outside bets
Column bet
A 12-number bet, which covers all of the numbers in the corresponding column. This bet pays at 2:1 plus the stake.

Dozen bet
Another 12-number bet. Players can choose the first dozen (covering 1 to 12), the second dozen (covering 13 to 24) or the third dozen (covering 25 to 36). Again, this bet pays 2:1 plus original stake.

Colour bet
An 18-number bet, which covers all the red numbers or all the black numbers. Colour bets pay at 1:1 plus original stake.

Even/odd bet
An 18-number bet in which the player chooses to bet on any odd number or any even number. This bet pays 1:1 plus original stake.

High/low bet
Another 18-number bet covering either 1 to 18 or 19 to 36. Again this bet pays 1:1 plus the original stake. Please note that any even-money bets will be lost if the ball lands on zero.
Game features
At the bottom of the roulette screen you'll find additional options which you can use to enhance your gaming experience. These include:
Chat: Launches the chat window so you to talk to the dealers, or contact the supervisor if you need to
History: Displays the results of the recent spins of the wheel


Blackjack is the most popular of all casino card games. The aim of the game is to beat the dealer. You do this by making a hand that has a value of closer to 21 than the dealer's hand. You can also win if the dealer's hand goes over 21 (bust). Be careful though: if your hand goes above 21 you automatically lose.

This version of blackjack is played with eight decks of cards, which you will see the dealer shuffle at regular intervals.

Once the game has loaded you need to choose your seat at the table. Seats are numbered from one to seven. Sit at the table by clicking on any available seat displaying the 'SIT HERE' sign. If all the seats are taken you can either return to the Lobby and try another table or wait for a seat to become free.

To place a bet, select your chip value from the 'BANK' window and then click directly on the table to bet.

Important: In order for your bets to be accepted you need to click the 'Confirm' button in the 'BANK' window before the timer runs out, otherwise your bets will be removed. If a game is already in progress you will need to wait for it to complete before you can play.

When the game begins all players will be dealt two cards face up. The dealer will also get two cards, although one will be face down.

Card value
The numbered cards are all worth their face value. The face cards are all worth 10, and aces can be worth either one or 11 depending on what will give you the best hand. If the first two cards dealt to you total 21 (an ace and a 10) you have blackjack. Blackjack wins pay 3:2 on the player's original stake. Other wins pay at 1:1.

Each player takes turns to act on his or her hand, starting from the player at the right. When it is your turn to act you will be presented with a number of options:

Stand: you wish to take no further action on your hand.
Hit: you wish to take another card to try to improve the value of your hand. This option can be used multiple times.
Double: you wish to double the amount you have bet on your hand and can receive one more card only.
Split: this option is only available if your first two cards are of the same value. By choosing this option you will double your bet and receive two more cards, effectively giving you two hands to play. If you split aces, you'll receive one more card per hand, and can't hit for extra cards. 21 hit after splitting is not blackjack as the cards are not the first two dealt, and therefore only pays 1:1. You can’t split hands more than once.
Once all players have acted the dealer will turn over her face-down card. If her hand is worth 16 or less she must deal another card. This continues until the dealer's hand is valued at 17 or higher.

When the dealer has a hand of between 17 and 21, she will pay all players with a hand closer to 21 than her own. If the player's hand is the same value as the dealer's, the hand is a 'push' or a tie, and the player keeps his stake. If the dealer's hand busts, all remaining players will be paid.

If the dealer's face-up card is an ace all players are offered an insurance bet. This bet is half the player's stake. If the dealer has blackjack this bet will pay at 2:1. If the dealer does not have blackjack the bet is lost and the hands are played as normal.

Game features
If you wish to talk to the dealer or the supervisor you can open the chat window by clicking the button at the bottom of the screen. The window can be moved or resized.


Baccarat is a game in which the player bet on whether their hand or the house banker's hand will be closest in value to nine, or if the hands will be tied. It is played with eight decks of cards, which are shuffled regularly by the dealer.

Card values
Aces are worth one. Face cards and 10s are worth zero. All other cards are worth their face value.

If the cards in a hand total more than 10 points, simply subtract 10 to obtain the baccarat point value of the hand. For example, two 8s total 16, but counts as six.

A two-card total of nine is the best hand possible and is called a 'natural'. The second-best hand is a natural eight.

If both the player and the banker are dealt identical hands, the game ends in a tie.

To place a bet, select the amount you want to wager in the 'BANK' window and then click directly on the 'Player', 'Tie' or 'Banker' areas of the table. Once the timer has run down the dealer will begin dealing the cards. If there is a game in progress you will need to wait until it has been completed before placing your bet.

When the game begins, the dealer will deal two cards to the player and two to the banker. If the value of either hand is eight or nine (a natural) the hand is complete and no further cards are dealt. Otherwise cards are dealt according to the rules below.

The player's hand
Depending on the point value of the first two cards, the following actions will take place:

Point value of first two cards
0 to 5 Draws a third card

6 to 7 No more cards

0 to 5 'Natural', no more cards


Game features
Additional features of the baccarat game can be found at the bottom of the screen.

can be used to talk to the dealers or the supervisor if required.

shows the live total amounts that are being bet by other players at the table.

shows the maximum and minimum bets for the table.

Big Road:
shows the recent results and game history for the table.

Live dealer games and your Party Account
Live dealer games debit the funds for each bet placed directly from your Party Account balance.

Adding funds to your Party Account
To add funds to your Party Account, click on 'DEPOSIT' in the 'Cashier' menu in the main Lobby, then select the desired deposit option. You can also add funds to your account by clicking on 'DEPOSIT' or 'REAL BALANCE' in the 'My Account' section in the left panel of the Main Lobby. The time taken to transfer funds and the fees charged will vary depending on which deposit option you choose. Funds can only be added at the beginning of a new game.

What do I do if I reach my betting limits?
If your game balance drops below the minimum bet you are trying to place, you will have to click on 'REBUY' to buy in credits from Party Account to your game balance.

To add funds to your Party Account, click on the 'DEPOSIT' option in the 'Cashier' menu in the Main Lobby, or click the 'CASHIER' button in the 'Buy-in' window of any game. You can also click on the 'DEPOSIT' button or on 'REAL BALANCE' in the 'My Account' section of the left panel in the Main Lobby.

I could not complete the game. What should I do?
If you get disconnected in the middle of a game of roulette or baccarat the game will progress as normal: you can see the results of your bets by checking the game logs when you next use our live dealer service. Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Care Team.

If you get disconnected in the middle of a game of blackjack your hand will automatically stand. Again, you can see the results of your bets by checking the game logs when you next use our live dealer service or by contacting our Customer Care Team.

Malfunctions Voids all Pays and Plays

News Adds 'Rambo' To Movie Roster And Launches Live Dealer

15th April 2009 – is pleased to announce the arrival of a new ‘Rambo’ themed slot game at the world’s largest online casino. ‘Rambo’ is the latest movie themed slot to launch on and joins a collection of games that reads like a list of Hollywood’s greatest movies. pays out over $10 million EVERY DAY to players and continues to expand rapidly.

‘Rambo’ is a 20 line, 5 reel online slot machine based on the iconic film series that provides a high octane gaming experience. The game features heavy artillery, helicopters and jungle rescue sequences you would expect from the world famous motion picture. The minimum stake is one cent and a player can bet on a maximum of 20 lines.

The feature of the game is triggered when a player hits three pictures of John Rambo. There your mission as Rambo is to shoot down base defences from your helicopter and rescue the POW’s. The enemy draws first blood not you but it is time to unleash the one man war to win big cash prizes. Within this feature the gameplay is boosted by chances to win extra multipliers and extra free spins.

Other film themed slots at include Mission:Impossible, The Terminator, The Godfather, Top Gun, Saturday Night Fever and Gone With The Wind. The Gold Mega Jackpot at currently stands at nearly $1.3 million! On February 24th 2009, ‘ScottishAOD’ won the $1,358,857.49 Gold Mega Jackpot on the Mega Fortune Wheel. This jackpot was particularly closely followed as it looked at one point that the record of $1,571,974 paid out to one player on the 8th October 2006 was under threat. His father, ‘Takemystack7’, also won a Gold Mega Jackpot but for $763,356.33 on the 24th May 2008! Between them they have won $2,122,213.82 off in exactly nine months to the day! is also pleased to announce that the Live Dealer function on the site is up and running . Multi-currency baccarat, blackjack and roulette games are available following an agreement made with EvolutionGaming last year.

A spokesman said: “With Rambo it’s a case of give it a go, give it a go now and we’ll give you an experience you won’t believe! has already developed a portfolio of slots that reads like a collection of Hollywood greats and there is more to come. We’re also very happy to introduce live dealer – this provides a new online experience for those that prefer the experience of watching croupiers dealing cards or spinning roulette wheels.”

Rambo, First Blood and any depiction of Rambo are trademarks of StudioCanal. TM & © StudioCanal 2009. All Rights Reserved.

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