David Little Wolf

David Little Wolf

David Little Wolf is one of Australia and America's key figures in the entertainment and media world.

Now semi retired, David focuses on keeping the memory of his late father, the legendary Big Chief Little Wolf, alive, and building beautiful handcrafted furniture.

He is also working on a number of projects with Media Man Australia director, Greg Tingle.

David is based in the U.S, and is available for interviews, public speaking engagements and the like.

David writes on Australia...

During our travels across Australia, with our tent show, or with Ashton's Circus, we visited nearly 300/350 cities and towns.

Several times we(my family) were visited by Native Australians. All had never seen a Native Person of another race, and were, of course, curious. Without exception, they always brought us gifts. Most important, they called my dad "Brother".

They somehow knew that Native Americans and themselves had many, many things in common. I have no idea how these people knew about dad. Perhaps they got the word from Aborigines employed by Jimmy Sharman, or those employed by the circus.

My dad was moved by their plight and was very sympathetic toward them. I remember once overhearing him tell a tribal leader that "a change would come, so be patient, and don't push too hard".

We cherished the gifts from those wonderful people, and my dad would try and give them money, but they would not take it.

I think that if my dad had not had the strokes, he may have become an advocate for the Aussie natives.


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