Sabrina Houssami

Sabrina Houssami

Miss World Australia

Sabrina Houssami photo credit: Fairfax

Greg Tingle and Sabrina Houssami, Ruby Rabbit De Dom (credit: Tito Media)

Greg Tingle and Sabrina Houssami photo credit: Tito Media

News - 1st Feb 2007
Miss World Australia to be face of Australian Grand Prix Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix website


News just in: Sabrina Houssami was placed 3rd in Miss World 2006. Congratulations Sabrina.

11th October 2006 - News just in: Media Man Australia met and interviews Sabrina Houssami and the Ruby Rabbit, Sydney, as part of her Australian homecoming celebrations.

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Sabrina Houssami is currently overseas in Poland competing in Miss World.

Please vote for Sabrina via SMS on 19927362 (199ARENA), in Australia. Please sms MW101 to the given phone no. as many times as you can.


Sabrina Houssami

When she was deciding where to study Sabrina Houssami, a 19-year-old Bankstown girl and the new Miss World Australia, chose Sydney University because it had the most beautiful surroundings and the highest academic standards.

Like the University Houssami has been blessed with beauty and intelligence. The second year liberal arts student, who originally planned to complete a PhD in child psychology, said she wanted to study somewhere that "was relaxing and conducive" to long hours of study.

"I love the quadrangle, it's just so beautiful. The whole university is such a tranquil, idyllic environment," she says. "There is also such a strong sense of learning here," says Houssami, who is currently studying Arabic, statistics and psychology.

She already speaks Hindi - her mother is Indian and she has visited New Delhi "about 12 times". But learning Arabic is giving her an insight into her father's Lebanese Muslim culture.

Houssami loves the "diversity of culture" at Sydney University. It's an amazing example of tolerance. You always see mixed groups of people walking together." When she overhears students speaking in Arabic, "I love that I can understand a bit of what they are saying."

So how did she come to be in a beauty pageant? Houssami says she was online when she stumbled across the Miss World Australia website. Reading further she discovered the Miss World Australia philosophy of supporting charity: "beauty with a purpose".

As a prefect she had been involved in organising Jeans for Genes and other school fundraising, and at university she missed having that "platform" for charity work Charity is also one of the pillars of Islam, Houssami says. "I want to influence the world in a positive way, like a ripple in the water of life."

Indian poverty is "very close to my heart". Her current charity is The Astara Angels Charity, which is raising funds to build an orphanage for abandoned Indian girls in Rishikesh, at the foothills of the Indian Himalayas. Astara sells postcards with pictures of a brick on it for $20. Anyone who buys a postcard will "have their name inscribed on a brick" at the home, Houssami says.

Houssami says most of her university teachers are very "very understanding" about her charity work. "I think I go to the best university in the world in that it truly encompasses world values in both its staff and student population," she adds. "It truly epitomises tolerance and diversity."

After winning the Bankstown, and then NSW rounds of the competition, in 2005 she was named Miss World Australia runner-up. But organisers were so impressed with her ongoing fundraising work that when the Miss World competition was unexpectedly brought forward this year (it will be held in September in Poland) they asked her to be Australia's representative. (Credit: Sydney University)

Please vote for Sabrina via SMS on 19927362 (199ARENA), in Australia. Please sms MW101 to the given phone no. as many times as you can.


Miss World Australia Crowning

The official crowning of Miss world Australia 2006 Sabrina Houssami was celebrated in a Royal gala dinner at The Bellevue, Bankstown on Wednesday July 19th, 2006.

The majestic event was exceptional and the attendance was very big showing Huge support for Sabrina.

Distinguished guests included Senator Eddie Obeid, local member Tony Stuart, Bankstown mayor Tania Mihailuk, Burwood mayor John Faker, Canterbury mayor Robert Furolo, and Few consuls and ambassadors from sydney and Canberra.

Entertainers included Kamahl (Australian crooner), Stuart Wagstaff (Philanthropist & star of Blankety Blanks), Simon Westaway (Actor), Arnott (Popstars), T.A.P. Singers & Teamwork Dancers.

Sabrina was crowned by Last year Queen Dennae Brunow and State winners have also been presented with Valuable jewelries from major sponsor Kimberly Fine Diamonds.

Sabrina will now attend few major charity events this month before heading to Poland to represent Australia in Miss world final which will be conducted at the end of next month.

Sabrina Houssami as Miss World Australia 2006 will represent Australia in Poland where she will compete against 120 other countries. The judging will be a month long process and the winner of Miss World will be announced on September 30th, 2006.

• Miss World in 2005 was viewed by over 2 billion viewers across 162 nations and is the most watched annual television event in the world.

• The Miss World Contest was born in 1951 in Great Britain. It has grown into one of the worlds biggest and most loved events. It has also raised an incredible $400 million dollars for charity thanks to the theme “Beauty with a Purpose” created by owner Julia Morley 25 years ago.

• Microsoft figures show Miss World website is the most visited website in the world with 30 million hits daily during judging

• Negotiations are underway to bring the Miss World Final to Australia in 2008.


New Miss World crowned - 1st October 2006
(Credit: The Sydney Morning Herald)

An 18-year-old student from the Czech Republic won the Miss World 2006 beauty contest today, with the Australian contestant in third place.

Tatana Kucharova defeated 103 other women in voting among a panel of judges and from television viewers around the world during a two-hour finals ceremony in the Polish capital Warsaw.

First runner-up in the 56th edition of the annual beauty pageant was Joana Valentina Boitor, a 17-year-old from Romania. Australia's Sabrina Houssami, 20, was third.

Wearing a long white dress, a teary Kucharova blew kisses to the 2,500-strong audience in Warsaw's Congress Hall after she received her diamond crown from Miss World 2005, Unnur Birna Vilhjalmsdottir of Iceland.

Kucharova, a tall high-school student with long blond hair, was born in Trnava and grew up in the town of Opocno. She told the judges she wants to attend university and then become a model. She likes tennis and horse riding and her personal motto is "Always be an optimist".

A few white-red-and-blue Czech national flags floated in the cheering audience after the verdict was announced.

The organisers of the pageant said this year's finals offered the widest-ever participation of voters around the world via the Internet. Votes were also submitted in text messages sent from mobile phones.

Warsaw is only the second European capital after London to host the Miss World contest, organisers say. The 104 finalists spent the past month touring the Eastern European country's cities, beaches and countryside.

Last month, a white scarf was added to an artist's depiction of a mermaid with an exposed breast on a poster advertising the contest, after officials in Warsaw's conservative administration deemed it too suggestive.


Global appeal - The Sydney Morning Herald - 17th August 2006

If further proof were needed that we're addicted to gawking at charitable babes, it's the tiara-and-tantrum spectacular Miss World, whose TV ratings are surpassed only by the opening ceremonies of the World Cup and the Olympics. Later this month, Miss World Australia 2006, 20-year-old Sabrina Houssami (right), heads to Warsaw where, alongside 100 or so other hopefuls, the Bankstown student will undergo a gruelling month of personality and talent tests, to see who can cut it as the world's supreme female being. "It's a wonderful platform to raise money for charity," says Houssami, who has worked for 20 Australian charities and hopes to have raised $1 million by the time she's "over the hill" at 25. The 56th Miss World screens on Arena on October 1 at 1pm.


TV career flagged - Herald Sun - 2nd Feb 2007

MISS World Australia Sabrina Houssami will add glamour to the Australian Grand Prix as its 2007 ambassador, but has a few confessions to make.

She hasn't a driver's licence, isn't really a Formula 1 fan, and has never been to a GP.

"But it's making the experience more interesting for me. I'm coming in with a fresh perspective and learning very quickly," she said.

One of the beauty's responsibilities will be waving the checkered flag at the main race at Albert Park on March 18.

"I'm told I should be practising, and shouldn't give it a pathetic little wave," she laughed. "I should really toss the thing around -- go for broke."

The Sydneysider is in talks with Channel 9 about pursuing a TV career.

She has been called back for a second screen test, but it seems the network was more keen to see how the Mensa member looked in a bikini.

"They originally gave me pieces from (travel show) Getaway just to see how I read, but I told them I'm interested in more serious presenting or journalistic roles, so that's what they're looking at."


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Interview - Sabrina Houssami - 11th October 2006


Miss World Australia

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Media Man Australia is delighted to have a business relationship with Miss World Australia

Public thank you to Miss World Australia for attending the Bravehearts charity gala evening on the 26th August 2006