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Miss Earth Australia 2009

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Fundraising event, Sydney, Australia -
18th November 2008

Greenfest, Brisbane, Australia - Southbank - 10th - 12th October 2008

News.com.au Green Awards

Changing Colours Movement - North Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

Green News Media

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Green News Media Blog

April 2008

Pittwater High School Solar Power Station launched

Historic Will Steger trek of Ellesmere Island

Australian 2020 Summit

Media Man Australia campaigning and recruiting members for Virgin Unite


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Greg Tingle Jane Goodal Institute Community for Social Change Blog



World Environment Day

Earth Hour

Earth Day

Live Earth

Al Gore

Peter Garrett

Penny Wong

Ross Garnaut

Lin Sutherland

Cheyenne Morrison

Paul Watson

Githabul people

Steve Irwin "The Crocodile Hunter"

Dick Smith

Kevin James

Jamie Durie

Todd Tai

Tim Flannery

Hannah Fraser

Dave Rastovich

Bill Holland

Jon Dee

Grant Hilton

Naomi Hilton

Reuben J. Silverbird

Rudi Schacher

Bob Brown

Craig McWhirter

David Attenborough

Ian Thorpe

Richard Branson

John Singleton

Bindi Irwin

Ted Turner

David Suzuki

Julian Lennon

Leonardo DiCaprio

Australian Geographic

Rupert Murdoch

National Geographic

Sea Shepherd

Greenpeace Foundation


Save The Wales Again!


World Wildlife Fund

Maroubra Climate Action

Friends Of Malabar Headland

United Nations


Climate Action Bondi

Maroubra Climate Action

Earth Hour

Live Earth




Native American Indians

Carbon Trading

Global Warming

Climate Change

Eco Business


Solar Power


Clean Coal

Green Fuels

The Kyoto Protocol

Environmental War Room

Eco Tourism

Department of Climate Change

Environmental News Websites

The Sydney Morning Herald - Environment

The Australian - Climate

Australian Broadcasting Commission - Environment

Planet Art - World Environment News

Village Voice - Environmental News

Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Media releases, speeches and transcripts

Google News search "environment" "environmentalist" "climate"