ENTREPRENEURS is much more than a Reality Show. It is an unprecedented year long “project” that allows us to partner with the University system, corporations, organizations, and small businesses in a creative effort that provides participants with a real life business experience that will assist them with their entrepreneurial goals. Aside from creating a “working” Business, the contestants will also experience the importance of philanthropy and community service, by initiating campaigns that will enable “The Company” to raise up to $250 Million for charities , Nationwide in 2005. Televising the project allows us to reach past our goal of leadership development and preparation for future endeavors, and allows us to assist organizations such as Council for Entrepreneurial Development, the Kauffman Foundation and other entrepreneurial development programs in the promotion and awareness of the opportunities available to individuals at their Universities and in the public and private sectors.

Contestants will create and operate an International Business. They will participate in various projects, ranging from idea to operation. Each project will contribute “in real life” to the overall functionality of the company (TBA). Group dynamics will continue to change until the winning entrepreneur has been chosen. Various twists, conflicts, group mergers, challenges, guest, the elimination process, and the “Real Time” creation of an International business is sure to be fun to watch.

Creator & Founder of Entrepreneurs & Eventsleader.com - Bob Winstead

When we asked Mr. Winstead what he does for a living, with a warm smile, he replied “anything I want”. “That is not an arrogant statement”, says Winstead “It means I have discovered how to make money doing the things I enjoy. I also believe, if you want something, you can have it but you must be a pupil of the game. Entrepreneurs affords me the opportunity to assist, promote, and encourage entrepreneurs through education, experience, and most important, applications.

The process of Entrepreneurs allows contestants and on seers to participate in the necessary steps that are applicable to most business start-ups. We will be creative, we will utilize all available resources, we will have fun, and we will be successful”.

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