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The Million Dollar Man: Ted DiBiase

Ted DiBiase has been involved in the world of professional wrestling his entire life. His stepfather, wrestler "Iron Mike" DiBiase, began the tradition and had a strong influence on him as a child. He died in the ring when Ted was fifteen. Shortly after, his mother slipped into a depression and turned to alcohol. Ted moved into a little town in southern Arizona to live with his grandparents. After Ted’s junior year in college at West Texas State University in Canyon, Texas, he stepped into the squared circle to follow in his father’s footsteps.

After wrestling in Amarillo, Texas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Ted moved to Atlanta to continue his wrestling career. While there he met his future wife Melanie and they were married in 1981. Ted’s wrestling engagements kept him away from her, while ego, pride, and money took center stage. After the birth of their first son Teddy, the DiBiase’s moved to Mississippi where he continued wrestling for Mid-South Wrestling. Ted was hoping that the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) would take notice of his talent. The WWF did take notice. They had an idea for a new character and developed Ted into the "Million Dollar Man" and he was surrounded by money, limousines and life in the fast lane. Through hard work and much determination he quickly rose to the top of his profession were he has remained for the past twenty years.

Ted’s career as a wrestler has taken him all over the world; all over Europe, Japan, India, Canada, and all of the fifty states, including Alaska and Hawaii. Ted has held many wrestling titles over his expansive career not withstanding, "The World Championship Title." He has wrestled alone, as part of a tag team, and in recent years as the role of manager. You may also hear him at times behind the camera as he often commentates and does color commentating for World Championship Wrestling.

Due to a neck injury several years ago, Ted was forced to give up the physical side of professional wrestling. He acted as a ringside manager in both the WWF (Andre the Giant, Steve Austin) and WCW (Steiner Brothers). While with WCW, Ted appeared on Ted Turner's cable networks "Monday Nitro" and "Thursday Thunder" TV programs, and acted as creative consultant to EA Sports for their WCW Mayhem video game designed for the Sony Saturn and N64 game systems. He also traveled the Nascar circuit as a WCW representative. Ted's WCW contract expired in 1999, and since then, Ted has taken on new roles outside of professional wrestling. He is a spokesperson for the Sunshine Foundation, an organization that grants wishes for critically ill children, and has founded Heart of David Ministries (for which he travels the world as an evangelist furthering the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Also through Heart of David Ministries, Ted shares his prayer of hope all over America in motivational assemblies speaking out against the results of drug and alcohol abuse - warning America's youth about the trap of being addicted to drugs and alcohol. He also encourages them to stay in school, set reachable goals and pay whatever price it takes to become the best that they can be. But, Ted's speaking ministry is not focused only on youth, but he I actually has an even stronger message for "macho men" out there, and also struggling married couples. He speaks at men's meetings, whole church congregations, and special events. Recently, Ted has been very vocal about the state of today's professional wrestling - speaking against the sex and vulgar language in the current product. He is currently exploring the possibilities of starting his own small federation which would be run as an outreach of Heart of David Ministries.

Birthday: January 18, 1954

Real Name: Ted DiBiase

Height/Weight: 6'3, 290

Nicknames: The Million Dollar Man, The Million Dollar Champion, Trillionaire Ted

Finisher (as wrestler): Million Dollar Dream (Sleeper)

WWF: DiBiase became famous as the Million Dollar Man - arguably the most notorious villain ever in wrestling. After years of trying, he failed to win the WWF title, so he "bought" the Championship from Andre the Giant...the title was later declared vacant by WWF President Jack Tunney, to be won in a tournament at Wrestlemania IV... DiBiase lost in the final round to Randy Savage, and the match was the closest he ever came to the title again... the only major championship DiBiase held was the WWF Tag Team Title, which he shared on three occasions with IRS (Mike Rotundo). He also shared major championship belts when he wrestled with Mid-South/UWF and All Japan PWF. (See Title History)

WCW: After a controversial departure from the WWF, where he first became a manager after an injury ended his in-ring wrestling career, Trillionaire Ted joined WCW where he "funded" the NWO. Later, he became a face and left NWO to manage the Steiner Brothers.

Ted often served as an announcer for WCW broadcasts and worked as a WCW motor sports representative, giving road reports from various races that WCW participated in. Ted also served as a creative consultant to EA Sports for as they developed the WCW Mayhem video wrestling game.

Although Ted is no longer associated with any major wrestling organization, he is featured in the "Legends of Wrestling" video game.

NOW: He is the founder of the PWA, a family based, anti-drug - anti-alcohol organization. After years of "lip service", Ted has made a commitment to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and through His love and grace, founded Heart of David Ministries. Through his ministry, Ted travels the world delivering his personal testimony and telling of his personal relationship with Jesus.


April 28, 1976 - May 11, 1976: Mid-South U.S. Tag Team Champion w/Dick Murdoch

December 1976 - Early 1977: Mid-South North American Heavyweight Champion

May 19, 1977 - Summer 1977: Missouri Central States Champion

January 7, 1978 - February 16, 1978: Missouri Central States Champion

February 12, 1978 - February 26, 1978: Missouri State Heavyweight Champion

November 23, 1978 - February 1979: (Amarillo) International Champion

Early 1979: Western States Tag Team Champion w/Tito Santana

Early '79 - June 19, 1979: WWWF North American Champion

February 1, 1980 - September 19, 1980: Mid-South North American Heavyweight Champion

November 21, 1980 - October 2, 1981: Missouri State Heavyweight Champion

January 26, 1981 - January 31, 1981: Georgia National Tag Team Champion w/Stan Frazier

June 10, 1981 - July 6, 1981: Georgia National Tag Team Champion w/Steve O

November 1, 1981 - March17, 1982: Mid-South North American Heavyweight Champion

June 23, 1982 - November 25, 1982: Mid-South North American Heavyweight Champion

October 27, 1982 - March 12, 1983: Mid-South Tag Team Champion w/Matt Borne

April 13, 1983 - July 24, 1983: Mid-South Tag Team Champion w/Mr. Olympia (Jerry Stubbs)

October 14, 1983 - January 28, 1984: All-Japan United National Champion

November 18, 1983 - February 18, 1984: Georgia National Heavyweight Champion

July 14, 1984 - October 11, 1984: Georgia National Heavyweight Champion

December 3, 1984 - December 25, 1984: Mid-South Tag Team Champion w/Hercules Hernandez

January 16, 1985 - February 13, 1985: Mid-South North American Heavyweight Champion

May 3, 1985 - August 28, 1985: Mid-South Tag Team Champion w/Steve Williams

September 1985 - September 29, 1985: Texas All-Star USA Champion

December 26, 1985 - March 16, 1986: Mid-South/UWF Tag Team Champion w/Steve Williams

March 87 - July 3, 1987: All Japan PWF Tag Team Champion w/Stan Hansen

July 11, 1987 - September 3, 1987: All Japan PWF Tag Team Champion w/Stan Hansen

February 7, 1992 - July 20, 1992: WWF World Tag Team Champion w/Mike Rotundo

October 13, 1992 - June 14, 1993: WWF World Tag Team Champion w/Mike Rotundo

June 16, 1993 - June 19, 1993: WWF World Tag Team Champion w/Mike Rotundo

September 3, 1993 - December 3, 1993: All Japan Unified Tag Team Champion w/Stan Hansen

Ted DiBiase's Tournament Championships

December 12, 1985

All Japan Real World Tag Team Tournament Champion w/Stan Hansen
October 16, 1988

WWF King Of The Ring

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