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Andrew Denton: Enough Rope indeed

Andrew Denton is one of Australia's most successful TV and radio announcers.

Denton has recently raised in prominence, with the success of "Enough Rope" with Andrew Denton, which is taped and screened on ABC every Monday evening.

Far from being an "overnight success", Denton has been plugging away in the entertainment and media business for over a decade.

He is a rare breed, that is able to be both comical and "deadly"serious, in the same interview, if not the same sentence.

Denton's involvement with the high profile, South Sydney Football Club is legendary, and some may say, infamous. No one could say he hasn't raised the profile of the club, and at least on the surface, Denton has cleared the air with former South's Director, George Piggins.

Throughout 1994-95, he hosted and co-produced his own late night, live chat show. Called "Denton," it offered a collection of offbeat interviews, satirical sketches, uncalled-for violence and topical jokes - perfect viewing for the whole dysfunctional family.

In 1995, he also presented two television interview specials: "Andrew Denton Meets Kevin Costner" and "Paul Keating Unplugged," a surprising look at Australia's Prime Minister.

Denton also hosted his own morning radio program in Sydney, entitled "Andrew Denton Breakfast Show." A "Best of" edition of the show was broadcast around Australia every weekend.

Denton co-produced and hosted "The Logies," Australia's television awards, in 1999 and 2000. Also in 2000, he co-produced and hosted a one-hour prime-time interview special "Andrew Denton in the Deep End with Ian Thorpe."

"Enough Rope" just may be Denton's most successful program to date. Denton certainly does give his wide array of guests enough rope to hang themselves. Is it coincidence that both Rene Rivkin and John Elliot both somewhat fell from grace soon after appearing on his show?

If your looking for great entertainment, conducted by someone with a brain, watch Denton on "Enough Rope", or better still, join in the studio audience on Monday nights.

On a personal note, Andrew, thank you for your hospitality on the previous occasion I was in the audience, and see you again tonight. Watch out for the sign!

Enough Rope with Andrew Denton

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