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Crown Casino Aussie Millions; James Packer Special, by Greg Tingle - 24th January 2011

G'day punters, journos, high rollers - casino whales, gambling millionaires and billionaires, poker sharks, entertainment and arts news junkies, media tycoons, politicians, insiders, outsiders, legal eagles... one and all. You know who you are. Today we have a massive Crown Casino Aussie Millions update for you, along with other big news from Crown Casino's parent company, Crown Limited, including the one and only 'Our James' (James Packer) and friends. Media Man and Gambling911 with a jam packed report we think the late, great, Kerry Packer would be proud of, and we hope you're delighted with it too...

Shane Warnie M.I.A At Aussie Millions Yesterday (Including Last Night); UK Connection?...

Champion spinner, celeb poker pro (sort of) and face of Crown Poker, Shane "Warnie" Warne was Missing In Action yesterday, including in nocturnal hours, as fellow hot blooded sportsman, Tiger Woods might say. Yep, no show of Warnie and Aussie Millions, but he wasn't seen on a jet either. Maybe one of Crown's private fleet was commissioned for special delivery. Warnie has been getting up nice and cosy to U.K babe aka "poker babe" Liz Hurley in Los Angeles of late, and we wish the happy couple many more winning hands (and kisses and hugs et al). Warne is full expected to show up at Crown Casino later this afternoon or in the evening, or tomorrow at the latest. Warnie, if you're a little behind schedule, its ok. No detailed step by step - blow by blow explanation is required. Great to see the work - life priorities in order. Poke - er, on and off the felt - way to go son. Stay tuned for more of the life and times of Shane Warne, but sorry, no nude shots here, but inside scoops none the less.

Melbourne, Australia and UK: Aussie Millions Gossip: Did Poker Ace Warnie Poke Her?...

The champion spinner and reported ladies man, Shane Warne, admitted he had been "busted" spending a romantic weekend with English actress - babe Elizabeth Hurley. The cricket legend had been trying to keep the reunion under wraps after making a last-minute dash to Los Angeles to rendezvous with the glamorous movie star. But Warne, 41, was outed by keen News Limited newspaper readers who spotted him on a flight back from Los Angeles on Sunday evening. Approached by the News Limited's Herald Sun at Crown's Aussie Millions Poker charity fundraiser on Wednesday night, Warne grinned and said: "Yeah, I know we've been busted." He declined further comment on the success of his reunion with the 45-year-old beauty. "Er, next question," he replied. But mates at the benefit later revealed Warne had confirmed his weekend had gone "very well" and he had rekindled the flame with Hurley. Their romance has slowed a touch when it was revealed Warne has apparently sent more than 100 text messages to married Brighton woman Adele Angelari. "Let's just say he was pretty happy," said a mate. Hurley made no secret of being in Los Angeles, tweeting about the weather and saying she watched the Golden Globe Awards from her hotel. Shortly after Warne boarded the plane for home, she tweeted: "A great weekend. Best in a long, long time." We think congratulations may be in order for Warnie's speculative "innings" across the water. Yeah Warnie keep row row rowing the boat, life might be such a breeze. May the good fortune of Warnie rub off on you and may every hand and women bring you a champion result. Warnie is not only a solid poker player, but is a face of Crown Poker, and also a keen golf player. It's not known if he has scored a hole in one, but he sure knows how to play them birdies. You know what we mean.

Aussie Millions: A History Of Champions...

Who will win this years Aussie Millions Championship? It may be too early to tell, but Phil Ivey is a hot favorite.

Let's take a walk down memory lane and see who has taken out the big one over the years...

2010 Champion

Tyron Krost
Origin: Australia (Sin City Sydney)
Winnings: $2,000,000
Defeated 746 players
*sponsored by PartyGaming's PartyPoker

2009 Champion

Stewart Scott
Origin: Australia
Winnings: $2,000,000
Defeated 681 players
*sponsored by PartyGaming's PartyPoker

2008 Champion

Alexander Kostritsyn
Origin: Russia
Winnings: $1,650,000
Defeated 780 players

2007 Champion

Gus Hansen
Origin: Denmark
Winnings: $1,500,000
Defeated 747 players

2006 Champion

Lee Nelson
Origin: New Zealand
Winnings: $1,295,800
Defeated 418 players

2005 Champion

Jamil Dia
Origin: New Zealand
Winnings: $1,000,000
Defeated 263 players

2004 Champion

Tony Bloom
Winnings: $ 426,500
Defeated 133 players

2003 Champion

Peter Costa
Origin: England
Winnings: $39,4870
Defeated 122 players

Aussie Millions Player Profile: Phil Ivey; Hot Favorite...

He's arguably the world's most famous gambler, only battling for headlines with living legend, Doyle Brunson. He bets, wins and looses fortunes on the flip of a card, and he's certainly living the American Dream... to be continued at Australia's expense many tipsters stay. The 34-year-old shark (affectionate)... we like you Phil, is playing in the Aussie Millions poker tournament at James Packers' Crown Casino but he states it's not the tourney or its million bucks main event first prize that got him down under - its "the action". Ivey is also rumoured to check out Sin City Sydney's Star City, something we're not sure Crown Limited powers that be wanted to read about, but we have to keep things fair in the world famous 'Australian Casino Wars' right? No, we don't own shares in Tabcorp - not yet anyway.

Ivey is understood to have some similar nocturnal habits to Tiger Woods, who he has sometimes been compared to. He's also widely acknowledged by his peers as the best player on at the planet at all 3 main poker disciplines of the poker: online poker, cash games and of course, tournament! Yeah, he's a killer, and he also excels at other casino games.

Master poker player Chris "Jesus" Ferguson generously shares the following to the press: "In the past that was three different people, but over the last few years the best player was just Phil Ivey, and there isn't even an argument, and that's really unusual in a game like poker.

Howard Lederer, another genius poker nut went on record with "It doesn't matter what the game is, Phil's the best". By the way, Lederer has a side bet with Ivey on whether the champ will win another World Series of Poker in the next two years. The bet is rumoured to be $US5 million.

'Aussie Millions' is Australia's undisputed richest poker tournament, but the organised (official) poker games are often quite the distraction for poker professionals playing private cash games and taking side bets, while they enjoy taking in everything that Australia has to offer, including the beaches, Melbourne culture and of course, the beautiful Australian women (and climate).

Ivey started playing card games at his grandfather's house in New Jersey, USA growing up, later moving to Atlantic City in his teen years. He trained 10 to 12 hours a day playing, under a fake ID of course. Hey, it is poker. Legend has it he went on to develop his game at a regular 7-card stud game run by the Hustler (the skin lad's mag and website) media mogul publisher Larry Flynt.

It was in 2002 Ivey won 3 WSOP bracelets thus establishing himself as the world's best.

The champ also plays table games including baccarat and craps, and is a very keen better on sports.

"I enjoy myself when I'm betting, life's just more fun that way," said Ivey.

This guys is loaded, on an off the felt. What's his fortune worth? No one knows for sure. He shares "can't relate to it and to talk about it seem crass". Industry sources say Ivey has made more than $US18 million in online poker games since circa 2007.

Folks, don't change your dials. The Aussie Millions Poker Championships runs until Sunday, and yes, Packer, Warnie and even yours truly are tipped to make a special appearance, planned or a surprise. Security is the strongest its ever been, so no funny business everyone. Don't try to call our bluff.

Aussie Millions: Sam Trickett Wins $100,000 Challenge Yesterday...

Trickett Wins $1.5 Million to Grow his Career Wins to $3 Million after a Challenging 3-Handed Battle against Tony Bloom and Erik Seidel.

7 of the best players in the world, $100,000 each. Just 1 winner!

The Final Table Chip Counts (with thanks to our Crown Casino friends and spies)

1st Sam Trickett 961,000
2nd David Steicke 622,000
3rd James Obst 571,000
4th Jeffrey Lisandro 454,000
5th David Benyamine 363,000
6th Erik Seidel 169,000
7th Tony Bloom 148,000
8th Chris Ferguson 89,000

James Packer To Get High Roller Super VIP's On The Water Off Perth, Western Australia...

Gambling and media billionaire James Packer has an offer (and a boat ride) for you, if you can afford it.

Welcome to 'Infinity', a $50 million, 40m long Italian-made 'super yacht' to be berthed full time in Perth as part of the Crown's 'World Of Entertainment' offering. It's now tied into Burswood Casino, who are looking to lure in more Asian - Oriental gamblers.

The floating 5 star plus pad (if you can rate the unbelievable luxury), along with its crew of lucky seven will be available for the enjoyment of VVIP (very, very important person) high rolling gamblers.

They will lap up 4 guest rooms, including a huge owner's stateroom complete with his and hers bathrooms.

Infinity was unveiled to a group of Perth business folks this past Thursday, strategically ahead of the opening of the $10 million Rockpool restaurant, a new secret weapon of Burswood.

Packer was quoted by our friends at The Western Australia "We regard ourselves as very lucky to be in Perth. Clearly it's the boom city in Australia. I also personally love Western Australia. "I've spent - for an easterner - a lot of time in the west over the years. I think the best of Australia is found in the characters in Western Australia." It's well know that one of Packer's good mates and close business associates, Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest is also based in Western Australia.

Burswood's makeover is targeted at China's billionaires... all 150 of them! Yes, someone counted them.

Packer is aware of the Burwood's casino and entertainment complex mixed reputation and shares "If we keep investing in the facility and we keep making it better and better, then I think that will change. If you look at Crown (casino) in Melbourne, all segments of society frequent (it) from all different stratas - and that is absolutely our desire for Burswood over time."

Also forecast this year are are two Infinity price tag of $25 million - to be built in the grounds at Burswood and the completion of a new and exclusive Infinity gaming room, currently under way via the rooftop of the Intercontinental Hotel of the complex.

"Our genuine hope is that the mansions will be the two best hotel rooms in the world," Packer said. "That was our brief."

A Media Man Int spokesperson said "Don't bet against James Packer. He's proved the knockers wrong so many times before its not funny. If you had believe the naysayers, Packer would have lost all of his fortune a few years ago. He bounced back in champion fashion in is now regarded as one of the very best gambling and media tycoons on the planet. Apart from that, he's also a heck of a nice bloke who is fair and balanced with his dealing with the press and public, and the universe continues to reward the man and his family for their good deeds. Packer is on a roll and nothing not nobody looks to be able to catch him at the moment, including Tabcorp or anyone else that dare try. Yeah, we're glad we bought shares in his company also, and make no secret about it. Of late, just about everything he touches turns to gold. It's going to be a golden year aboard the Packer express".

James Packer Loves Perth: People, Innovation, Lifestyle, His Casino And Food...

JP told The Sunday Times on Friday, "I love the Swan River ... it's better than Sydney Harbour." Packer who is doing Perth with prime goals including the launch the new Rockpool restaurant at his Burswood complex, flew in from Singapore on Friday and posed for photographs before heading off for an appointment with mining heiress Gina Rinehart (a fellow major shareholding in Ten). "We want to invest more money in Perth. We regard ourselves as very lucky to be here. It is clearly the most go-ahead city in Australia and has an enormous future." Ok, so what else can we tell you? His $350 million plans to upgrade the Burswood resort include revamped rooms, a new pool, a private gaming den, an extra 250 electronic gaming machines aka "one armed bandits" (Aussie slang), 50 more gaming tables and a 40m luxury yacht for entertaining high rollers. Packer advised he was looking forward to digging into a steak sourced from five tonnes of beef on site but did not share the same tastes as his late father, Kerry, who famously walked out of the Barrenjoey House restaurant in the 1980s when Neil Perry, head chef at the time, refused to cook him a well-done steak with tomato sauce. "I like my steak medium-rare," JP said. For the record likes with tomato sauce (so do we). "And Neil doesn't cook enough of them for me." Punters, what are you waiting for. Get yourselves over to Burswood for a bit of 2, 4, 6, 8, dig in, don't wait. And, good luck on the slots, tables, and out on the water, if your lucky enough. Crown Limited powers that be - your throw of the dice.

Take the time to research and learn games before placing down money

Media Man, Casino News Media and Gambling911 are website portals. Not casinos as such, however are recognised as world leading websites that cover the sector and act as central points to games, news, reviews and more.

Readers... er, punters, how did you like our special Aussie Millions, Crown Limited and James Packer report? Tell us in the forum.

If you have a bet, please bet with your head, not over it, and for God's sake, have fun.

*Greg Tingle is a special contributor for Gambling911

*Media Man is primarily a media, publicity and internet portal development company. Gaming is just one of a dozen sectors covered

*The writer owns shares in Crown Limited


Crown Casino Aussie Millions Update, by Greg Tingle - 20th January 2011

G'day punters, journos, high rollers - casino whales, poker sharks, entertainment news junkies, politicians, insiders, outsiders, legal eagles... one and all. Today its the Crown Casino Aussie Millions special. Media Man and Gambling911 with another fair dinkum Aussie style report maties...

Aussie Millions Plays Celeb Card...

Celeb poker is still popular, especially down under in Australia, despite the market becoming somewhat flooded (no pun re Queensland floods) in recent years. Crown Casino celeb poker was a red carpet was affair. Enter the Aussie Millions "Celebrity Poker Challenge". Perhaps with a tie in to the world famous Studio 54, Crown's 'Studio 3' at James Packer's prime Australian casino became party time. The showgirls were impossible to miss, there was a press pack with paps - mainly friendly ones, and a DJ to keep people pumped up on cool music. We're pleased to report that last years Main Event champion, PartyGaming's PartyPoker sponsored Tyron Krost was there, and we think it was a sighting of the Germany Shepherd dog loving Tony G. Howard "The Professor" Lederer and Barney Boatman were also in attendance. Insiders saw a few glimpses of Shane 'Warnie' Warne also, but we missed Jeff 'Marrickville Mauler' Fenech. Annette '16' (once upon a time) Obrestad and alleged partner of some description, Scott Montgomery showed their faces. The brother of ex WSOP champion, Tony Hachem was seen getting around on a crutch, apparently carrying an injury (no, not to the groin, and no, Annie Duke didn't do it to him, before you ask). Then, our of the shadows a lovely lady understood to be Ann Peakcock emerged, who soon passed the stage to Shane Warne, who appears to be the main face of Crown Casino poker these days, the other face being Joe Hachem. James Packer still stays in the background most of the time, but is still good for a media quote and photo every now and again. Money raised from the night went to charity, with some connection to The Shane Warne Foundation and Variety, and somehow the cash will get to the victims of the Australian floods, where Queensland is the worst effected, and unfortunately it appears the death count is just a touch less than 20, but we will keep you updated as more news come to hand of the tragedy. In a nice gesture, Blue ribbons were worn by all in recognition of the floods that have hit much of Australia. Before you could say 'Flush' or 'River' things were transformed into a 4 table team showdown. It was a top night and we publicly congratulate James Packer and his world class team and associates for showing the world how its done.

Aussie Millions 'Celebrity Poker Challenge' Media Blurb...

Melbourne, Australia. Tuesday 18 January 2011. Crown will deal another royal flush TOMORROW with the annual Aussie Millions ‘Celebrity Poker Challenge' that will see the likes of tennis ace Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker, poker champion Joe Hachem, Shane Warne, Dannii Minogue, Gary Ablett Jnr, Glenn Archer, Grant Smile, Kris Smith, Nathan Brown, Nicholas Bolton, Paris Wells, Paul and Barbara Licuria, Pete Evans, Shane Delia, Stephen Curry and Zoe Badwi join with world poker pros Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen, Howard Lederer, Patrik Antonius and defending Aussie Millions Champion Tyron Krost to put their best poker faces on for charity.

Aussie Millions Updates...

Crown Casino - Event 4: $1,100 No Limit Hold'em Shootout! The famous poker tournament is already 5 days in punters. An Aussie and a South African gent have got their gold rings.

The shootout format is the talk of the poker world, at least as far as Aussie Millions goes. To progress through to the next stage, a player must best all punters at their poker table in a shootout fashion. This is the virgin time a shootout tournament has been run at the Aussie Millions The jet setter pros have been arriving at James Packers' Crown Casino and world class poker room.

Names who appear to be lock ins include Annette '16' Obrestad, James Akenhead, Scott Montgomery and Jonathan Karamalikis.

A 4th Aussie Millions gold ring is up for grabs, and more likely than not, within the next 48 hours we can report on who snatches it.

Aussie Millions Overview...

Thus far Crown Casino's Aussie Millions is living up to its world class status. It got on the way last Thursday at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia and an impressive 762 players showed up for the opening event, a $1,000 buy-in No Limit Hold’em tournament. The series, which includes a grand total of 20 events, goes thru to Sunday, January 30th and features not only the prestigious AUD $10,000 buy-in Main Event, but also the AUD $100,000 High-Roller tournament that continues to snatch and catch the biggest names in poker across the globe, year after year. Aussie professional Martin Drewe was crowned the winner of the first event at the Crown Casino on Sunday, besting Darren Kramer heads-up for a prize of AUD $200,000.The 2nd event - Jared Solomon earned a nice AUD $10,000 via Poker Pro No Limit Hold’em Shootout. Sean Dunwoodie picked up $1,000 in the Pot Limit Omaha Event #3 for AUD $37,000 and Soren Blanner won in the $1,100 No Limit Hold’em Shootout Event #4 for AUD $38,000. The Aussie Millions main event will commence this Sunday, January 23rd. The AUD $10,000 No Limit Hold’em tournament had 746 entrants last year and is set for another huge field in 2011. Defending champ, Tyron Krost snatched AUD $2 million last year after besting a tough final table that sported Peter Jetten, Annette Obrestad and Sorel Mizzi. Other former Main Event champions included Stewart Scott (2009), Alexander Kostritsyn (2008), Gus Hansen (2007), Lee Nelson (2006), and Tony Bloom (2004). The AUD $100,000 Challenge might just be the most anticipated match at Aussie Million. It's billed as the most expensive tournament buy-in in the world. The event was first held back in 2006, getting a modest 10 players. In 2010, the AUD $100,000 Challenge saw 24 players hit the tables, with Dan Shak finally beating Phil Ivey for the AUD $1.2 million winners purse. In 2009, David Steicke won, coming up best from from a 23 deep pack, snatching a cool $1.2 million payday. In other upcoming action there will be an Aussie Millions high-stakes cash game on 24th January featuring an AUD $200,000 minimum buy-in. Players who took part in last year’s broadcast cash game included Tom "durrrr" Dwan, Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies, Chris Ferguson, Andrew Feldman, Gus Hansen and Rafi Amit.

Aussie Millions Events (buy-ins in Australian Dollars)

Event #5: Wednesday, Jan. 19 – $1,100 Eight-Game Mixed (Two-Day Event)
Event #6: Thursday, Jan. 20 – $1,100 Six-Max No Limit Hold ‘em (Two-Day Event)
Event #7: Friday, Jan. 21 – $1,150 No Limit Hold’em with Rebuys (Two-Day Event)
Event #8: Saturday, Jan. 22 – $100,000 Challenge (Two-Day Event)
Event #9: Sunday, Jan. 23 – $10,600 Main Event (Day 1 Flight 1)
Event #9: Monday, Jan. 24 – $10,600 Main Event (Day 1 Flight 2)
Event #9: Tuesday, Jan. 25 – $10,600 Main Event (Day 1 Flight 3)
Event #10: Sunday, Jan. 23 – $550 Teams Event
Event #11: Tuesday, Jan. 25 – $550 No Limit Hold’em
Event #12: Wednesday, Jan. 26 – $5,300 Pot Limit Omaha
Event #13: Wednesday, Jan. 26 – $10,500 Heads-Up Championship
Event #14: Wednesday, Jan. 26 – $550 No Limit Hold’em
Event #15: Thursday, Jan. 27 – $10,500 Eight-Game Mixed Event
Event #16: Thursday, Jan. 27 – $550 No Limit Hold’em
Event #17: Friday, Jan. 28 – $2,200 Six-Max No Limit Hold’em
Event #18: Friday, Jan. 28 – $550 No Limit Hold’em
Event #19: Saturday, Jan. 29 – $1,650 No Limit Hold’em Bounties
Event #20: Sunday, Jan. 30 – $1,100 Turbo No Limit Hold’em

Australia's PartyGaming Poker Pro Tony G Will Get To Bring Dog To Poker Table...

It's a nice move by Tony, PartyGaming, and maybe, Crown Casino powers that be. The well known and largely feared poker shark will have at least one dog (yep, with 4 legs) accompany him to at least one poker game. Tony had blogged that Zasko the dog was having some visa and security issues and would not be able to make it. But now Tony has hooked up with TJ, another German Shepherd breed to take the place of MIA Zasko. "As you well know by now I am not Phil Hellmuth so there will be no flashy entrance but you have to be impressed that the G has the weight to get a dog brought into the casino. He will just be there playing around – tilting my opponents and making the game a bit of fun," he blogged. Tony is looking to get TJ a meal inside the casino and Wagyu beef comes to mid. Tony and TJ, would you like win with that, and do you pref your meat raw, medium or well done? Well do for adding a bit more colour to the already party-time like event. Security is understood to be at an all time high, with many of the world's top casinos reporting theft, fights and fraud matters over the past few years. Trouble makers, best stay at home, and those who love to party and love to win, who can also behave themselves, you are warmly invited. Oh, if you own a fancy sports car, why not temp fate and park it in the casinos carpark and see if anyone dares try snatch it. Who can forget the red Ferrari thief situation and well as the Crown Casino robbers incidents from a few years back, and then there was the Crown kitchen grease trap man. Will lighting strike twice? If its too hot in the kitchen, best get out. If your prepared to get cooking with the best of them get your ass to Crown. In any event, stay tuned to this website portal for more hot action.

Take the time to research and learn games before placing down money

Media Man, Casino News Media and Gambling911 are website portals. Not casinos as such, however are recognised as world leading websites that cover the sector and act as central points to games, news, reviews and more.

Readers... er, punters, how did you like our report? Tell us in the forum.

If you have a bet, please bet with your head, not over it, and for God's sake, have fun.

*Greg Tingle is a special contributor for Gambling911

*Media Man is primarily a media, publicity and internet portal development company. Gaming is just one of a dozen sectors covered

*The writer owns shares in Crown Limited



Become our next Aussie Millions champion for free

Win your luxury package to this year’s Aussie Millions and we’ll send you Down Under to play for Australia’s biggest poker prize – all for free.

Qualifiers for these dream trips start on 22nd November with packages up for grabs in weekly satellites. There are satellites to suit both Australia-based players and players from the rest of the world, giving everyone the chance to play in the southern hemisphere’s biggest tournament

.And if you think you’ll be heading to the Crown Casino in Melbourne just to see the sights, think again…

Last year, qualifiers Tyron Krost and Frederik Jensen went all the way in the Aussie Millions, taking first and second places, after claiming packages just like these.

Krost, pictured left, won AUS$2 million for his efforts last year and has now gone on to become a sponsored pro, cashing in tournaments around the globe.

Start your journey to the Aussie Millions by playing in our daily freerolls or our low-cost qualifiers. Plan your route by clicking one of the links below: website profile PartyGaming profile

Gif Banners Aussie Millions website website


Casino Babes At Crown, Aussie Millions Poker Championship Starts Thursday

G'day punters, journos, high rollers, politicians, insiders, outsiders... one and all. Today we cover a bit of the gossip going around Aussie gambling, casino and media circles. There's a bit of something for everyone. Media Man and Gambling911 with another great news roundup for you from the land down under...

Crown Casino: Melbourne Gets Casino Babes Sort Of: Burlesque Royale - 28th January

Starring for the first time in Australia, UK burlesque sensation Immodesty Blaize, Burlesque Royale is a never before seen spectacular of old fashioned showgirl glamour. Featuring for the first time in Australia, International stars Kalani Kokonuts (US), Michelle L'amour (US), and Perle Noire (US). Also performing are Australian artists Danica Lee, Holly J'aDoll, Kelly Ann Doll, and Lauren La Rouge with a special performance by Mada Vs Vegas - The Duelling Magicians. Hosted by the enigmatic Supergirly, Burlesque Royale is set to take its audience on a wild ride with tongues set firmly in cheek. VIP tickets will include a complimentary drink, gift bag and access to the after party.

Date: Friday 28 January, 2011

2 shows. 8pm and 11.30pm

Crown Casino, Melbourne: 2011 Aussie Millions Poker Championship Starts Thursday...

Australia's biggest, best and richest poker tournament is back with a blast. Aussie Millions commences this Thursday at James Packers' Crown Casino in beautiful Melbourne, home to the original 'Underbelly' TV series which featured gambling themes. We understand that the $10,600 AUD no-limit hold’em main event will snatch the attention of the poker players and commentators when it fires off on January 23rd. An deep field of 746 punters participated in the 2010 main event, with our own Tyron Krost being crowned champion, picking up $2 million, and soon after being signed u by PartyGaming's PartyPoker. Many other players (and brands) and keen to knock him off as you might expect. The field is expected to be one of the greatest ever, if not the best. High-stakes events include the $100,000 Challenge that commences on January 22, as well as the Aussie Millions high stakes cash game featuring a $200,000 minimum buy-in on Jan 24th. Last year the $100,000 Challenge attracted 24 players for a prize pool of $2.4 million, and it was Dan Shak who bested Phil Ivey heads up to earn a cool $1.2 million. Other substantial buy-in events this year include the $10,500 Australia no-limit hold’em heads-up championship and a $10,500 eight-game mixed event. Stay glued to this dial for more coverage, and don't be surprised if Fox Sports and or / ESPN give it a bit of TV coverage. Poker is big business in Australia and around the world, and media companies are keen to cash in too. Good luck to all players, and on James Packer for your commitment to the "sport".


Aussie Casino King James Packer, Shane Warne And Michael Clarke Have A Feed And Chat At Crown Casino, by Greg Tingle - 27th December 2010

Warnie made one of his first public appearances since the Liz Hurley affair in the UK, playing host to his Shane Warne Foundation's annual Boxing Day breakfast at Packer's Crown Casino. JP attended with wife Erica in support of the event, which raises considerable financials for children who are unwell. Cricket greats Michael Clarke and Phil Hughes also attended in for a spot of breaky before heading to the Melbourne Cricket Group, where they ended up getting analysed in possibly Australia's worse performance in The Ashes Cricket series in 100 years! Performing artist Leo Sayer pumped out a few great numbers to keep the punters entertained.


Casino Ex Boss to Sue for $1 Million Plus, by Greg Tingle - 7th November 2010

G'day punters, casino and media millionaires and billionaires, poker high rollers, politicians and one and all. You've waited patiently for some serious and colourful news relating to Crown Casino for months now, and finally, here it is in all is non spin glory. Media Man and Gambling911 deliver Crown Casino hardcore news...

At Crown Casino they don't like to discuss sackings, which is fair enough. We like to focus on positive, not negative, when possible, but folks, this is big news.

The sacked Crown Casino chief executive officer David Courtney is now suing his former employer for refusing to honour provisions in his fat $1.25 million contract.

Courtney's position was terminated last month, following a company "restructure" that the James 'Casino King' Packer casino claimed was part of Crown's continuing strategy to reduce overheads. Some saw it as "trimming the fat", and "culling fat cats", but no one will go on record with those descriptions. Funny that.

Documents filed in Victoria's Supreme Court just this week demonstrate that while the company was within its rights to terminate his 5-year contract on a year's written notice, if it did so Courtney could receive his remaining pay over 24 months or less, much like a monthly salary. You know, horses for courses, but its hard to keep all of the people happy, all of the time.

The fascinating legal writ claims the company is now refusing to honour this clause, which he argues is a breach of the employment agreement he signed back in 2007.

The contract includes cash salary, superannuation contributions, cars and other goodies and benefits. The writ states Courtney is suing for damages, interest, costs and "such further or other relief as the court considers just".

Media Man, Gambling911 and much of the media and gaming community is hopeful that the differences can be settled amicably.

Wrap Up...

Readers... er, punters, how did you like our hard core Crown Casino report? Tell us in the forum. If you have a bet, please bet with your head, not over it, and for God's sake, have fun.

*Greg Tingle is a special contributor for Gambling911

*The writer owns shares in Crown Limited


Crown Casino VS Star City Friendly War, by Greg Tingle - 27th May 2010

The casino and overall gaming industry in the Asia Pacific - Australian region remains as competitive as ever, with Crown Casino, Star City and Jupiters Hotel and Casino all enjoying expensive upgrades, some into the multi million range. To top it off, another proposed development, Jewel Casino, is earmarked for regional Victoria. This update comes in the week that the Australian Productivity Commission released its long awaited report into gaming and gambling. Media Man and Gambling911 take you to the battle zone, narrowing avoiding a dash of friendly fire...

Media and gaming buzz.... mergers, takeovers, acquisitions. How much is just talk and much is real? Speculation is a plenty.

Tabcorp and arguable its main prize, Star City in Sydney, has been the talk of takeovers for about a decade. In fact the late, great, Kerry Packer, Australia's first (legal) casino king, is understood to have stopped a young James (Packer) scooping it up in the early 2000s ... think circa 2003.

Insiders still see a Crown (and other co) takeover on the cards, but its unlikely to happen for a few more years.

Tabcorp is understood to send a release to the Australian Securities Exchange (former Australian Stock Exchange) noting rumours for a 7% jump in its shares.

Texas Pacific Group is touted as being a prime funding partner in any deal, due in part to its gaming - gambling sector smarts and know how thank to its ownership of the Harrah's Entertainment casino "super whale".

There are however too many complications for a deal to occur overnight, this week, or even this year, unless a miracle happens (which Packer is capable based upon recent stunning performances).

The group is starting a $350 million, give or take another 100 or 200 mil, redevelopment of Star. ROI, "earnings uplift" and other bean counter elements won't be clear for a few years, say the experts.

Also, keep in mind the X factor - Tabcorp's Victorian wagering licence, due to expire in 2012.

Packer's Crown aka 'World Of Entertainment' has its hands full between renovations, some tied to GenerationOne job development, and Melco Crown - City Of Dreams business, fighting it out for its share of "dolphins" and "whales" aka High Rollers. Unfortunately, just a normal catch of tuna, plankton and algae are not going to pay the bills. The business model factors in a certain number of "whales" and "super whales", and Team Packer is keen to see theme not drift off course to other potential competitors in the Philippines, downtown Mandalay Bay.

Melbourne and Sin City Sydney chit chat is suggesting that certain financial analysts advise Crown has put on ice its corporate development team, a move that "proves" that major acquisitions are not on the cards for multiple years.

Tabcorp comes at a heavy price, and a ocean liner full of debt. Think debt funding running into $1 or $2 billion, as a round figure estimate. Yep, these are big boys toys, with debt to boot. Insiders question if the debt could be handled, and worked into a deal, in the current financial market (which is close to terminal... stuffed, despite Prime Minster Kevin Rudd and Treasure Wayne Swan defending Australia's financial position).

Red tape, paperwork and legal eagles would have a field day should a pro active deal get on the way, and that's before any more regulatory changes take place.

Industry analyst's advise consent would need to be required from five state governments and about a bakers dozen of regulators.

As they say, never say never, but don't hold your breath.

To wrap up on a positive note, both Crown and Tabcorp are "swimming, not drowning", as is Not the case for much of the world's gaming and casino industry, with Las Vegas and Atlantic City suffering much of of the fallout.

Crown and Star are also adapting to the new media - internet landscape, and are plugging into the exciting and headline grabbing mainstream entertainment industry, to which will help lure in the masses who can afford to pay for quality entertainment, be it KISS, Kylie, Elton John, WWE, UFC, Dita Von Teese or other.

Australia may be known for 'Underbelly', but Crown and TAB are no mugs nor small time crooks. Smart operators they are, and they can afford to play the game and launch heavy fire when the time is right. You can bet that Gambling911 and Media Man will be there when heavy ammunition in unleashed. How friendly things remain is speculation, but punters, always remember, "A Friend In Need Is A Pest"... just kidding, "A Friend Indeed" or in debt!

Gambling911 and Media Man remind readers to bet with your head, not over it, and have fun.

*Greg Tingle is a special contributor for Gambling911

*Media Man is primarily a media, publicity and internet portal development company.

*The writer owns shares in Crown Limited and Virgin and is a pro active member of Virgin Unite


Australian Logie Awards Update, by Greg Tingle - 2nd May 2010

Tonight's the night...

The 52nd annual Logie Awards. Australia is a buzz with what shows and celebs will win.

Gold Logie predictions for Rebecca Gibney, playing Julie Rafter in Seven's Packed to the Rafters.

Ray Meagher (Home and Away) and Rove McManus a wild cards.

The eight Gold Logie nominees have been the talk of the town in cafes, internet social networking and on-air calls for votes through the SMS voting system!

Centrebet on Friday had Gibney and Meagher as most likely to win, at $1.50 and $1.85 respectively. Rove was tipped at $26, Adam Hills $51. Go Adam!

Channel Seven's Home and Away has 13 nominations in various categories. Network Nine also has lucky 13 in the running.

Media Man tips at least a few awards for Nine's Underbelly, given Australia's fascination with crime, and we were settled by convicts right, so its in the blood.

Network Nine ratings are sure to be a winner, as are Crown Casino coffers. Tune in at 7.30pm as host Bert "Moonface" Newton prepares to entertain us to the nines.

*The writer owns shares in Crown Limited

*Media Man is primarily a media, publicity and internet portal development company


Crown Casino To Show Off Underbelly At Logie Awards, by Greg Tingle - 1st April 2010

Australia's tourism and entertainment icon, Crown Casino, gets to show of its wares on a national and international scale this coming Sunday night, with the TV smash hit 'Underbelly' in line for a number of awards. Folks, this event is all about entertainment, not table games, slots or the bottom line, or at least that's the official world. Mind you, someone has to put the 'Business' in show business, and Crown continues to deliver the goods, year after year.

Media Man and Gambling911 have been hitting the phones and pounding the pavement in order to work out who the smart money is on.

Casino tycoon, James Packer, owner of Crown, enjoys a long and largely very positive history with both Network Nine's David Gyngell, and print press publication, ACP Magazines, not that we are suggesting that would be instrumental in who gets gold, silver or a donut (0).

James Packer owned Crown Casino in Melbourne, will be host to the 2010 Logie Awards on Sunday 2nd May.

'Underbelly', which frequently features gambling (illegal dens in most cases), has been nominated for a modest bush tucker bag full of awards. The list, correct at time of publication:

Asher Keddie (Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities), broadcast on Network Nine is up for the Outstanding Actress award.

Anna Hutchison, Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities is nominated for the Graham Kennedy Award for Outstanding New Talent.

'Underbelly' is also up for the Most Popular Drama award.

Last Word

Bouncers and security...a number of football and cricket stars will be present, many of which are known to get a bit boisterous when on the grog. Please don't bring out the plastic handcuffs, unless absolutely necessary. Mind you, it would make bloody good television and provide plenty of fodder for paparazzi attending the gala affair. Celebs, sportsmen... you've been forewarned.

Bert Newton is hosting this year, being seen by the powers that be as a safe bet. Meantime, Bert's son, Matthew, has recently booked himself into rehab, in a step we applaud. Newton Jr played Terry 'Mr Asia' Clark in 'Underbelly: A Tale Of Two Cities'.

Our loyal and worldwide readership is looking forward to the goss following the event, so have a couple of drinks on us, but don't overdo it either. Drink too much... just slip on over to Crown Towers or Crown Metropol. They will be happy to look after you, for a price.

*The writer is a special contributor for Gambling911

*Media Man is primarily a media, publicity and internet portal development company

*The writer owns shares in Crown Limited


Crown Casino Aussie Millions Poker Championship kicks off, by Greg Tingle - 16th January 2010

Melbourne, if not the whole of Australia, has poker fever, thanks to casino king James Packer's brainchild, "Aussie Millions".

Media Man long time friend, associate and eyes and ears of the industry, Keith "Bendigo" Sloan, tipped us off that it would be huge and he was right on the money.

Let's start with some big picture stuff.... poker has been widely acknowledged in a court of law as primarily a game of skill. Sure, there's some luck involved, but over time on measured tests, the skill factor comes through. This is a key point in some of the arguments put forward by the Poker Players Alliance. Folks, professional poker is big business and is also a form of sports tourism, something that's been picked up on by the Victorian government, but something Australia's Labor government is still trying to grasp. Maybe it will be covered in the Aussie version of "Casino Jack"!

Let it be said from the get-go that Crown's Aussie Millions gives some much needed balance into the news media coverage of Australia's casino sector, which has been copping a bit of a battering of late. Crown's connection with tourism, sports tourism and high rollers is undisputed, and the powers that be at Crown do give back to society in a number of capacities, some of which is reported and other elements that are done on the quite. It was impossible to miss Warnie and Joe Hachem on Network Ten's 7PM project last month.

It's a given that when so many whales, high rollers and the like are in town, there's vast financial resources not far from the felt.

The Salvation Army and Unicef are just a couple of worthy causes that Crown and the powers that be have assisted over the years.

This year sees a reported 1,143 entrants have a punt at Aussie Millions...a record for major poker tournaments in Australia.

A $1,143,000 prize pool will be split amongst the top 108 players, with first place set to collect the first Aussie Millions Gold Championship Ring over $200,000 in cash.

Numerous big names were in attendance for day one including Tony G, Clonie Gowen, Sorel Mizzi, David Saab, Jason Gray, Paul Khoury, Kenneth Damm and 2005 WSOP Champ Joe Hachem. Players who returned to the felt for a second chance included Tony Dunst , Emad Tahtouh, Billy Argyros, Lee Nelson, Josh Field, Ben Delaney, Andrew Jeffreys, Leo Boxell, Amanda De Cesare, Tino Lechich, James Akenhead and 2009 Aussie Millions Champion (and PartyPoker sponsored) Stewart Scott.

Nick Haidaris has emerged with the chip lead of 165,300. Eighty-three players remained from Day 1's starting field. Those back for Day 2 include David Saab, JP Kelly, Antonis Kambouroglou, Brendan Edmonds, Con Tsapkounis, and Jim Sachinidis.

Players not back for day 2 include Tony Dunst, 2009 Aussie Millions Main Event Champ Stewart Scott, Emad Tahtouh, Barny Boatman, Matthew Pearson, Rayan Nathan, Joe Hachem, Tony G, Lee Nelson, Billy Argyros, Jonathan Karamalikis, Michael Guzzardi, James Akenhead, Ben Delaney, and Sorel Mizzi.

Day 2 at Crown Casino kicks off at 12:30 p.m where approximately 200 players will be giving it all they have in their quest for the championship.

Media Man encourages players (and management) on a winning streak to continue to give back to society, and of course the world is aware of those less fortunate including in Haiti which was recently rocked by an earthquake. Casinos and big gaming companies have much bigger resources than most, so let's see if they can even come close to helping to the extent that they did when the Aussie Victorian bushfires hit last March.

*The writer holds shares in Crown Limited
*The writer is the founder and director of Media Man
*The writer is a special contributor for Gambling911


Crown Casino website profile

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Win your seat at one of Australia’s biggest poker tournaments

Melbourne’s Crown Casino is the place to be this September when the PokerNews Cup returns for 2009. With a guaranteed first prize of $200,000, you’ll want to join us at the heart of the action.

We’ve got two great ways for you to qualify for this fantastic event. Each PokerNews Cup prize package includes:

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Welcome to the unforgettable and extraordinary world that is Crown. With its unique combination of luxury, warm service, exciting elegance and non-stop spectacle, Crown offers you an experience that will linger in your mind forever.

Whether you want to be dazzled by the fire displays on Crown's riverside or pampered in the luxurious Crown Spa, this is truly a place to meet your every need and match your every mood..

The thrill of the gaming floor, the glamour of the nightlife, the sumptuous dining, the remarkable shopping, the stylish accommodation and the friendly service come together at Crown to create the world's most exciting entertainment experience. (Credit: Crown Casino).


Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex is a casino and entertainment precinct on the south bank of the Yarra River, in Melbourne, Australia attracting on average 16 million visitors yearly, making it the largest casino in Australia. Crown Casino is a unit of Crown Limited.

The complex was designed by multiple architects including award winning Daryl Jackson and opened in 1997. The complex is one of the central features of the Southbank area in the central business district and the Crown Promenade fronts onto the waterfront as part of Southbank Promenade. Children under 18 are permitted into the entertainment section of Crown but not into the gaming area or areas serving alcohol.


Crown Casino opened in 1994 at the World Trade Centre on the north bank of the Yarra River, moving to the new complex at Southbank in 1997. Actress Rachel Griffiths infamously ran through the casino topless on its opening night. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except on Christmas Day, Good Friday and Anzac Day. On these days Crown is closed from 4am and reopens 12 noon. It was originally founded, owned and run by Lloyd Williams until the Packer takeover by PBL in 1999. Crown Casino is the largest casino in the southern hemisphere, has a license for 350 table games and 2500 poker machines.

Amongst other games, Crown provides the 6 main casino games of Blackjack, Craps, Pai Gow, Poker, Baccarat and Roulette but it was also the founder of an electronic version of Roulette known as Rapid Roulette. Rapid Roulette is essentially the same as traditional roulette but rather than players placing bets on a layout, all gaming takes place on a personal electronic touch screen connected to a central roulette wheel. The benefit of this is that the player has easy access to the entire betting layout, and due to the electronic nature of the game, it is both fast and accurate. Rapid Roulette has been in use for several years, and recently Rapid Bigwheel and Rapid Sic-bo have been developed.

As well as Caribbean Stud Poker on the main gaming floor, Crown has also long offered varieties of poker including Texas Hold'em. The Crown Poker Room has recently grown with the increased popularity of poker and now encompasses a large separate space in the Crown basement known as the Poker Room.

Crown casino has 2500 poker machines on the casino floor, with values of 1 cent, 2 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, 20 Cent, 50 cent and 1 dollar available for patrons to play. The slot machines at Crown are made by Aristocrat, VLC, AGT, IGT, Konami and Stargames, with 2 Dollar machines being introduced into the VIP area.

Rewards programs
The Crown Casino have a rewards program called "Crown Club" where by playing both poker machines and table games earn the player points on the card for credit or other bonuses.

Entertainment complex

The Crown Entertainment Complex incorporates several nightclubs, a Village Cinema complex and multiple restaurants, fast food outlets, food courts and shops. The complex also houses "Galactic Circus", an electronic games arcade, laser 'tag' game and bowling alley. Notable features of the casino include its colourful entrance (commonly known as the 'Atrium', featuring stepped fountains and sound/light shows under the themes of the four seasons), and pyrotechnic towers running the length of the Casino promenade. Many luxury branded stores such as:

Louis Vuitton


The two hotel towers are named Crown Towers Hotel and Crown Promenade Hotel. The Crown Towers Hotel opened with the complex and is the most luxurious of the pair, located on the banks of the Yarra River overlooking the city centre, Kings Domain, Port Phillip and Docklands. A speciality area called the Crystal Club Lounge is available to people who stay in some of the more expensive suites at the Hotel.

The Crown Promenade Hotel is located on Whiteman Street. A third hotel is under construction being built at the corner of Whiteman and Clarendon Streets, Southbank. The new, as yet unnamed hotel will feature similar facilities to Crown Promenade Hotel.

The Palladium Room

The Palladium at Crown is Melbourne's grandest ballroom, with a seating capacity of 1,500 it has played host to some of Australia's premier functions including the annual TV Week Logie Awards, Brownlow Medal, Allan Border Medal and the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix ball. It also hosted a few weddings in 2008.


On Friday January 30 2009 The crown casino and entertainment complex was evacuated due to a blackout as a result of a 3 day heatwave. 1,200 were evacuated from the gaming floor as well as many other from the complexes shops and restaurants. The blackout lasted from 6:30pm till about midnight. Gamers were refunded cash which they had entered into poker machine before the blackout in the following days. (Credit: Wikipedia)


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