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Steve Cooke

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Steve Cooke - St. Andrews Cutting Service - The Barbers Pole - St. Andrews Fife Scotland

Steve Cooke is one of the world's up and coming golf and lifestyle entrepreneurs and innovators.

Born in 1965 in a Pit Village Mining Community near Doncaster, Steve moved to Scotland in 1983 where he joined the RAF as an Assistant Air Traffic Controller (AATC).

In 1985 he changed trades and became a Field Tactical Chef outside his normal duties in the Royal Air Force Messes.

Serving a colourful career that saw him serve in the South Atlantic, on Mount Alice, West Falkland Islands, on Active duty twice during Desert Storm serving in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Southern Iraq.

He also served in Germany, Sardinia, Cyprus and was largely based at RAF Leuchars, in Fife Scotland.

Steve was Co-Founder of the Leeds United Supporters Club Scottish Branch in 1991.

Another Medal Steve was issued with was his Northern Ireland Clasp, where he served in 1994.

Steve saw several things that changed his prospective in life during his time in the forces. I was nearly blown up twice by the IRA in Germany, and was on the Herald of Free Enterprise the night before it sank with many tragic deaths.

Serving alongside the special forces in times of high stress when trust doesn't get any larger in life, you learn respect, truth and most of all discipline.

In 1995 he came out of the Royal Air Force and he opened his first Barbers Shop where his staff are well known for doing things differently, giving away a 'Free Nip of Whisky With every Haircut' at the St. Andrews. Fife. Scotland shops, and will soon be revealing an exciting internet world project via webcams and the company website at

he is going to be giving away free condoms soon, 'something for the weekend sir? Not as Bizzar as it sounds, its a campaign to raise awareness of STD's, unwanted young pregnancies, and AIDS. St. Andrews has a massive University, the 3rd Oldest in the UK and one resident is the Future King of Britain - Prince William.

Steve went through divorce in 1996 and that in turn was obviously life changing, an Englishman in Scotland trying to succeed in Business and try and keep weekly contact up with his children.

It was in true Steve no wasting time fashion that he Set out to get Joint rights through the Courts of his wonderful Boys John and Mark, and did what Men who are dressing themselves as Batman and marrying the Queens residents are trying to achieve , he took on the system before it was fashionable, and common sense prevailed.

Indeed Steve met the wonderful Arlene Cooke in 1996 and soon he realised life wasn't as bad as first thought, and the positive spirit that is Steve Cooke meant a second shop in Leven Scotland.

In 2000 things were going very well for Steve and Arlene, married one year and the Lovely Leigh Laura Elizabeth Cooke was born, Leigh was Born herself at Leeds General, after Steve had dragged his wife down from Scotland for a midweek Champions League Game when Leeds United were deafeated by Real Madrid on 22nd Nov 2000, Arlene went into Labour after the game, and gave birth to Leigh 3 weeks early. Slightly worse for wear, Steve witnesses the birth at Leeds General Hospital !

One night we thought we had lost our daughter who was nearly 2 years old, she had shown signs of having diabetes insipidus and were basically told to expect the worst.

Some weeks past and we were told it was a misdiagnosis, and this was a breath of fresh air, and we made good family friend Jenny Cann (Clockend Gooner) Godmother, who is Steve's best friend.

Last year Jenny died of Bone Cancer, and it left a massive void in Steve life, Tony Adams ex England International Football Captain attended the funeral that Steve read a very emotional Eulogy.

Steve never felt he had anyone who understood his methods, he didn't understand them himself.

Steve finally realised why he was so different earlier this year in march 2004 when it was realised he was mildly dyslexic (reading only), and Byron Casper son of World Number 6 all time great Golfing great Billy Casper informed him he was also an Entrepreneur, a what ?

take time to reflect what those 2 statements would mean to a 38 year old man that's never passed an exam in his life, and been told he was a failure most of his life because of his lack of paper qualifications but somehow had a very high IQ.

Also in 2004 He was part of the 'Save Leeds United Campaign' that Involved the Sheikh Abdul in Bahrain and helped stave off the Vultures that were waiting if Leeds United went into Administration on January 19th 2004, please look at

Steve is currently involved in a number of business initiatives that will see him undertaker extensive travel in 2005 throughout Europe, The America's, Asia and Australasia.

Steve calls himself a different "kind of animal". She goes onto say in brash but charming manner, "I do exactly what I want to".

Be it coordinating golf tours, entertaining the multitudes in his kilt on national television or cranking serious business deals, Steve Cooke is a sterling stand out.

In 2005 Steve tells me he is Planning several new ventures

In January he was out in Eatern Tamil area of Kalmunai, Sri Lanka and has teamed up with Team Tingle and created more news on that as the Charity should be registered in May 2005, and Charity can be a Diversified organised, transparent word

Other Plans we have include doing 40 American Golf Courses East to West in 40 Days East to West, another Charity and Scottish Tourism Initiative and Cooke and Tingle Promotion

The largest online Business and St. Andrews Golf Directory can be found at - if you need Golf exposure and Ideas, contact Steve another product Greg Tingle has put his weight behind and sponsored, recommendations don't come better than that

Heirtage Golf in St. Andrews (Authentic Golf Club Makers at the Home of Golf) are looking at ways to get behind some of Steve's Project

Profile: Scotland Golf Tours and Vacation Packages, St. Andrews - Scotland

Scottish Golf Tours and Vacations / Abbey Golf, was created on the 5th Green of Falkland Golf Course in 2004

The backbone of Abbey Golf Tours is Steve Cooke and John Lambton, 2 guys who simply enjoy playing golf and having fun and know how to organize a great vacation in Scotland, the idea has had much Interest, but as yet, Steve has decided to remain as a Sole Enterprise as he makes it into a Quality Item.

Steve is the town Barber in St. Andrews, and is famous for giving away a free nip of whisky with every haircut!

He served in the Royal Air Force for 12 years and was involved in Gulf War 1. Handicap 8.1

John Lambton - Glenrothes - Fife . Scotland

The Emphasis on this is about fun, Steve and myself have been friends now for 5 years.

We are Expanding Abbey Golf Tours for Scotland as a get away for visitors.

We will be running a 2 club challenge competition (after the yard of ale event!) we basically just enjoy having fun, John is Origionally from the North East of England in Durham and has suffered a horrendous Back Injury earlier in his Life, and is a shining example to anyone with a disability.


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