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Brett Clements, the international award-winning Producer & Director, and the guy who pioneered online video marketing for the real estate industry in Australia, maybe even the world, with Propvid, kicks it to the next level on Monday, with the launch of Australia's first real video portal for Gold Coast real estate. is a site that has been designed and engineered for its Clients - arguably, some of the best real estate agents in the world. Yes. It has a search engine, where the general public can view thousands of HD property and lifestyle videos, but the back-end is a highly advanced digital asset management system, with complex scheduling, reporting and delivery systems.

Its like or domain without all the advertising and drop-down menus; an intuitive search engine and wall to wall VIDEO.

"We have invested everything back into the Agents. So many web sites and companies focus on the public site. With this portal, we have poured it all into our Client interfaces. Because. Afterall. The Agents are the real stars in this game. Without them, we're all nothing. "

PlatinumHD TV runs five crews in SE Queensland. With film studios, and edit suites in Broadbeach and the West End, Clements now believes he has the creative firepower base to take lifestyle and property marketing to the next level.

From a guy who has won more awards for tourism, television and advertising, his next play is something to watch closely. I know Brett up close and personal. He's just ramping up. The next few months are going to be mind-blowing. But from somebody who has produced over 3 billion in entertainment and information content over a 30 year career, we've come to expect the extraordinary.


Brett Clements has enjoyed a thoroughly rewarding 28-year career in the national & international media, entertainment & advertising industries.

He has created, produced & managed multi-platform sales & marketing campaigns for everything from entire countries (Australia, Thailand & New Zealand) to his own entertainment concepts for TV shows & games, many of which have been local & international hits.

He created & directed the 'Real Slice of Heaven' TV, Cinema & print campaign for New Zealand which increased inbound tourism by 10%. With Roadshow Entertainment, he successfully marketed his Video Board Game Nightmare in 7 languages to sales of 3.5 million units while his extreme sports series Just For The Record (Network 10) sold to 55 territories.

For Nightmare, he teamed with Pepsi to create the most successful on-can promotion in the Southern Hemisphere since Michael Jackson, generating 150,000 in responses & attracted a sell-out crowd of 15,000 to Australia's Wonderland for a Nightmare Halloween dance party. He put the Gatekeeper on the Jumbotrons at Time's Square & Toronoto's Superdome.

Granted Alien of Extraordinary Ability visa status, he spent three years working in Los Angeles, creating & successfully licensing the underwater adventure series The Aquanauts to Discovery's Animal Planet. He would spend almost a year filming underwater on locations through the Americas before returning to Australia to creatively helm an internet casting portal called showcache & establish two IT companies.

He resigned as Director & sold his shares following the untimely death of his business partner 18 months ago, took up surfing & spent the time since creating (a few more games & some TV shows) while searching for opportunities more compatible with a lifestyle that sees him in the water at least once a day.

Credits include: Reporter Manly Daily & Daily Mirror. Reporter/Director Simon Townsend's Wonder World! (contributed to five Logie Awards) co-founder & creative director, A Couple 'A Cowboys, inventor, designer & director of The Video Board Game Nightmare & Atmosfear (Roadshow Entertainment) over 3.5 million units sold in 7 different languages), OZ QUIZ, BRIT QUIZ, DARE, Just For The Record (The Ten Network), the new Wonder World! (Nine), creative director & director for tourism campaigns for Australia, Thailand and New Zealand's A Real Slice of Heaven, creator & director of The Aquanauts (Animal Planet), co-designer showcache online casting system (12,000 online users), Producer. Australian Fear Factor.

His awards for creativity, direction & design include:

- British Academy of Film & TV Arts. London. Grand Prix The world's Best Tourism Film
- 'Fields of Jade' for Tourism Authority of Thailand
- The Vienna Film Festival Grand Prix World's best tourism film 'Fields of Jade'
- New York Film Festival Outstanding Achievement 'Fields of Jade'
- New York Film Festival Bronze medal. Opening titles. Television (Wonder World!)
- Italy World Tourism Organization and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Montecatini Award
World's Best Tourism Film. 'Fields of Jade'
- Chicago. Mobius. World's Best Tourism commercial 60 sec TVC 'Fields of Jade' Thailand.
- US Film & Video Festival Gold Camera Award 'Fields of Jade' Thailand.
- Australian Cinematographers Society Federal Awards The Golden Tripod 'Fields of Jade' DOP Ken Arlidge
- Australian Retail Results - Director's Award - Cinematographer's Award - Editor's Award. Best 60-second TVC'Fields of Jade' Thailand
- Grand Gold Pata. World's Best Travel Film The Australian Tourist Commission. 'Australia. User Friendly'
- Canadian RSVP Marketing Award ATC. 'Australia. Discover It'
- London World Travel Market. International Travel Video of the Year. ATC. 'UnCONVENTIONal Australia'.
- United States Film & Video Festival. Silver Screen Award. ATC. 'Australia. DreamAbout It.'
- United States Film & Video Festival. Creative Excellence. ATC. 'UnCONVENTIONal Australia'.
- Grand Gold Pata. South Pacific's best travel film ATC. 'Australia. DreamAbout It'.
- Australian Tourism Development Award. Country Comfort.
- Australian Gold Mobie. (International Television Association of Australia.) 'Fields of Jade'
- Australasian Retail Results Award for theme series. National 'A Real Slice of Heaven'
- Cannes International Games Festival. France. Game of the Year Nightmare.
- The Gold Dice. Spain. Game of the year Nightmare.
- Australian Marketing Institute Award for excellence New Zealand Tourism Board. 'A Real Slice of Heaven'
- Australian Marketing Award for Excellence - Event Nightmare.
- Mattel design award for excellence. New York Toy Fair ATMOSFEAR
- Australian Stand of the Year. Australian Toy Fair ATMOSFEAR
- Australian Toy Fair. Game of the Year OZ QUIZ & Nightmare


Interview - 19th September 2003


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