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BuddeComm is an independent global telecommunications research and consultancy company, with 45 national and international researchers based in 15 countries. The company operates from Bucketty in the Lower Hunter Valley, Australia, and has a city office in Sydney.

Our research, covers 170 countries, 200 technologies and applications, 500 companies and explores important developments in fixed and wireless telecommunications, particularly in the areas of video and digital media, social media and multimedia. We follow infrastructure developments, including intelligent and value-added networks based on telecommunications, broadband and satellite infrastructure. BuddeComm has developed particular expertise in identifying how these new media can be used by organisations to enhance their competitive edge in the market, and how they can be applied in mass markets.

The company’s research is currently focused on a range of telecoms and new media projects, including Digital Media, Fibre-to-the-Home, smart energy grids, e-health, interactive video and the convergence of telecommunications and IT.

In our analyses we concentrate on strategic planning and investment issues:

Where are the new business opportunities for the various industry groups involved in the market?
Where are the pitfalls?
Where will the next mergers and acquisitions take place?
In our 170 country reports we provide 3 to 5 year scenario forecasting for the various key markets, taking different investment, regulatory and economic models into account. We strongly believe that the traditional linear forecasting is not applicable to the telecoms industry, as there are too many variables in play, associated with politics, the regulatory environment and technology.

In order to provide flexible solutions for our clients BuddeComm produces over 100 Annual Publications and has what is believed to be the largest telecommunications research site on the Internet, with over 2,000 smaller Focus Reports.

BuddeComm’s 3,000-plus subscribers have access to the company’s widely used free-over-the-phone consultancy service.

The company’s larger customers include the USA, UK, Canadian and Australian Governments, as well as, UNESCO and most of the world’s leading telecommunications companies, financial institutions and IT companies.

Set out below is a quote from Richard Nickelsen, Senior Advisor of the Pacific Telecommunications Council, based in Hawaii. This was part of an editorial in the Pacific Telecommunications Review, which featured a 10-page article, entitled ‘Asia – Wireless Communications – Cellular Networks.

"No one has more information on the Asian market than PTC member BuddeComm. They present a formidable array of statistics that shows a dynamic growing market for wireless communications in Asia. They describe the options available in different countries, including cellular, personal communication services (PCS), fixed-mobile convergence (FMC), wireless local loop (WLL) and mobile satellite services."

BuddeComm research is unique in its field
BuddeComm specialises in gathering and interpreting information surrounding the telecommunications and media sectors. Impacted by daily developments in technology, these industries are growing rapidly and they alternate between collaborating and colliding with each other. They have created a dynamic environment that is a substantial driver of the business metrics for every other major corporation – be they a supplier to, or consumer of, their products and services.

An understanding of these industries and the longer-term impacts of the decisions now being taken by them is vital to corporations of all sizes as they explore and build on new business opportunities.

This is where BuddeComm differs from other research organisations. Our senior researchers have vast experience and are encouraged to provide personal analysis and straightforward, incisive commentary. These market insights are sought by news agencies and analysts around the world. Paul and his researchers are frequently interviewed on radio and television current affairs and news programs, as well as by the leading national and international financial and business press. BuddeComm research is quoted in company prospectuses and is a valuable resource at government level.

The company’s senior analysts are regular speakers at international events.

In addition to our unparalleled knowledge of telecommunications and media you will find BuddeComm is the best source of information and research for:

Emerging geographical markets of Africa, Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Eastern Europe
Emerging technologies of wireless broadband, FttH, digital media, convergence, smart grids, NGN and VoIP.
BuddeComm provides research via two types of reports – subject-specific Focus Reports and a compilation of these, making up our Annual Publications.

Focus Reports are sought after as an up-to-date resource, easy to interpret and specifically targeting a technology, market segment, or country. These reports generally are from 10 – 20 pages in length and provide a continuing source throughout the year of the latest information on key areas of interest. The reports can be purchased individually or are useful as a supplement to the Annual Publications by providing updated information on specific topics.

Annual Publications provide a comprehensive commentary on a particular market or technology. They are comprised of a number of Focus Reports, merged once per year into one document, and they include a table of contents, and extensive tables and exhibits. Annual Publications provide a snapshot of: The entire telecommunications, Internet, broadband and mobile markets for a country or geographic region, or Specific technologies and market segments on a global basis.




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