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Australian Planet Ark Founder Supports BMW Hydrogen 7 - 26th January 2008

The founder of Australian environmental organisation Planet Ark, Jon Dee, will join BMW Group Australia and rock group Evermore at an exclusive VIP function to promote discussion on the future of environmentally-friendly motoring amongst Melbourne’s community leaders and influential celebrities.

BMW is currently demonstrating its world leadership in this area with a public exhibition running this week until January 28, at Federation Square. The star of the show is the BMW Hydrogen 7 - the first hydrogen-powered luxury sedan created in response to growing global environmental concerns about carbon emissions. The car emits water vapour instead of carbon dioxide, and still achieves maximum performance.

As special guest speaker at tonight’s function, Jon Dee is arguably one of Australia’s most influential figures on climate change. He is also Australia’s most widely read environmental motoring journalist. Dee was the Australian spokesman for the DVD release of Al Gore’s documentary An Inconvenient Truth.

John Dee said today, “Research shows that Australians are extremely concerned about the impact climate change will have on Australia’s kids and the environment. That’s why car companies must play a leading role in developing alternative modes of transport that eliminates our reliance on petrol. This BMW car is a great example of the potential of emissions-free motoring. Together with electric vehicles, hydrogen-powered cars are the way of the future and it is crucial that government, industry and car manufacturers work together to speed up the move away from petrol-powered vehicles.”

Managing Director of BMW Group Australia Guenther Seemann, said today, “For over thirty years, BMW engineers have been vigorously developing technologies to make our cars more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. Today, around 40 per cent of new vehicles built by BMW Group in Europe already have a maximum emission of 140g CO2 per kilometre, clearly setting the company apart from the competition which as only been marketing individual fuel efficient models to date.”

From 11am to 3pm each day this week, the free interactive exhibition at Federation Square will allow the public to view the car of the future. The BMW Hydrogen 7 is showcased within a pavilion, housing entertaining and interactive displays which will provoke discussion on a future that does not rely on fossil fuels, and explain how BMW’s hydrogen-power technology is leading the way.

BMW Hydrogen 7 Tour
Federation Square Rooftop Car Park
21 – 28 January, 2008
11am to 3pm daily (including Australia Day Weekend)

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